A family weekend with medieval flair in Brugg

Brugg Youth Hostel is a must for all fans of knights and of the Roman Empire, young and old. It’s the perfect base for your next family adventure in Brugg! Take your little adventurer on a journey of discovery through Brugg and its surroundings and find out what this region has to offer for families!

To be perfectly honest: We aren’t familiar with Brugg or its surroundings at all! But during my research beforehand, I realised that the region has a lot to offer families: Whether it’s kid-friendly walks, museums, cosy cafes, playgrounds or barbecue spots.

Swiss Youth Hostels: Our home over the weekend

During our long weekend in Brugg, we stay at Schlössli Altenburg, which has been serving as a youth hostel since 1941! And the history of the building goes all the way back to the 4th century. Wow – really impressive! You’ll notice this when you check into your family room: You can choose between the Knight’s Room and the Fool’s Room.

Brugg Youth Hostel is rustic and homely. © Yvonne Schönthal

The super cosy rooms with the wooden beams and the tiled stove actually have the charm of yesteryear. And yet you don’t have to sacrifice any comfort: The two family rooms have a shower and toilet right next door. Super practical with kids! The Schlössli castle itself is situated in a wonderful garden, a two minutes’ walk away you will find an adventure playground with a barbecue spot, and breakfast is served in the old knights’ hall. By the way: Breakfast is always included in the room rate at the Swiss Youth Hostels!

Find out in a moment what tips we have for you and your family in the Brugg region. But psssst… it rained almost non-stop the entire weekend. So there’s an extra tip at the end for a family-friendly hike. 😉

Despite the rainy weather, the trip wasn’t rained off. © Yvonne Schönthal

On the trail of the Romans

No matter where you go in Brugg, you’re likely to encounter the Romans: On the Legionnaire’s Trail, which takes us past the amphitheatre, we can really imagine Brugg back then. Even if we can’t help but think of Asterix & Obelix. The crowning highlight for us is a visit to the Vindonissa Museum. Particularly on Family Sunday, everything is geared towards younger visitors: Whether painting your own mosaics in the garden, archaeology work or puzzle trails throughout the museum. You’re definitely not going to get bored here!

Visitors to the Vindonissa Museum can look forward to plenty to do. © Yvonne Schönthal

The museum is also an eye-catcher from the outside. Yvonne Schönthal

Where everyone becomes a child again: The Swiss Children’s Museum

As the weather is rather wet as mentioned, we took a detour by train from Brugg to Baden. This is where the Swiss Children’s Museum is located. As soon as you stroll through the first exhibition rooms, you are catapulted back to your own childhood: Here you can (re)discover toys from recent decades and often even play with them. On the upper floors, you can even go back to school and stimulate all your senses. We find the current «Rössli hü» special exhibition incredibly cute. And if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a puppet show in the park!

Be a child again: Visit the Children’s Museum! © Yvonne Schönthal

Young and old find something to do here. © Yvonne Schönthal

Treat yourself to culinary delights: The best tips in Brugg!

Brugg itself is home to numerous cafes and restaurants. We warmly recommend the café StadtKLATSCH, which is located right next to the Vindonissa Museum. After visiting the museum, treat yourself to homemade cakes, delicious coffee and freshly made waffles.

If you want to go on a culinary journey, I recommend Papa Oro’s: Whether it’s coffee and cake in the afternoon or a delicious dinner, you will immerse yourself in the versatile cuisine of the Philippines here. We are impressed not only by the incredibly delicious food, but also by the friendly nature of the staff. And for the kids, you’ll even find some colouring supplies and toys here!

Life is too short to miss out on fresh waffles. © Yvonne Schönthal

Culinary fans are in for a treat in Brugg! © Yvonne Schönthal

Extra tip: The family-friendly hike if the weather gods are in a better mood

Have you ever heard of Perimuk? Perimuk is the mascot of the Jurapark Aargau. On this 7-kilometre, pushchair-friendly hike, you and your kids can help Perimuk and his friend Mr Glögglifrosch the frog decrypt a secret code. The Adventure Trail is easily reached after a PostBus ride through the beautiful nature park. Along the way, you’ll find six animal puzzles, barbecue spots and playgrounds.

Summary of our long weekend in Brugg

With the long weekend, we have definitely come to know and love a region unfamiliar to us. The atmosphere at Brugg Youth Hostel is unique and has put us under its spell. Brugg and the surrounding area have so much to offer for families – there’s plenty more for us to discover! And so I can absolutely recommend a stay of at least two nights!

We will be returning to Brugg for a family outing – hopefully with better weather. © Yvonne Schönthal

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