Autumn in the Mountains at Laax – the hottest tips

Replenish your energy and wellness in Laax – a guide for relaxation in the Surselva region. Christina reveals what you can expect to discover this autumn in the mountains where she grew up. Leave the stresses of everyday life behind you in no time at all.

Laax is where it all happens! But Laax can also be quiet and relaxing. For example when autumn comes to the mountains, the leaves turn gold and the air already has the scent of snow about to fall. Our wellnessHostel3000 on the lake in Laax provides the perfect place to relax and recover. The youth hostel’s wellness area is well worth a look.

wellnessHostel3000 in Laax: A wellness jewel on a mountain lake

Being from Flims, I have often heard people raving about the wellness area in the wellnessHostel in Laax. I was all the more delighted when I and two friends were able to check out this oasis of calm for ourselves. Spread over 1,835 square metres, I found a real paradise for relaxation: two saunas, a steam bath, a pleasantly heated pool and a cold bath. Plus a range of adventure showers and several rooms dedicated to rest and relaxation. And all this with a view over the lake. All the decor of this spacious wellness area follows a minimalistic scheme with polished quartzite Valser stone.

The wellnessHostel3000 in Laax is definitely something to behold. © Christina Ragettli

What is there to do in Laax in November?

It was not long ago that the mid-season was abandoned in Laax and “Autumn in the Mountains” launched. At the same time a variety of new offerings were devised to make time-out in Laax both relaxing and interesting. My five autumn highlights you can discover for yourself in Laax:

The Treetop Walk

In July 2021 the world’s longest treetop walk was opened in Laax: 1.65 km long and with a slide 73 metres in height, the walk threads its way through the treetops of the “Uaul (Forest) Casti” , providing views onto the trees denied to onlookers at ground level. The Treetop Walk starts next to the Laax valley station and ends very close to the youth hostel.

At treetop level, the treetop walk leads through the Laax forest. © Philipp Ruggli

The Trutg dil Flem Trail

The Flims Waterway trail or “Trutg dil Flem” in Romantsch is a prize-winning trail along the Flem as it flows down from the mountains. It starts at the Flem waterfall in the lower Segnesboden and takes the walker though wonderful mountain scenery. Always following the water, you crisscross the stream on seven bridges during the walk. Each of the bridges has a different design and blends perfectly into the landscape. Visitors who prefer a less energetic walk can follow the Trutg dil Flem down into the valley. More ambitious souls can head up the slope in the opposite direction. With its various access and exit points, the walk can be completed in several sections. You can also shorten the distance you walk by taking the Flims–Naraus mountain railway, which operates from Friday to Sunday in autumn.

The Flems is an impressive river that you will cross several times during the hike. © Danuser

E-Bike Tour to Lakes Cauma & Cresta

This route affords fantastic views and wonderful photo opportunities. The starting point is next to the wellnessHostel3000 in Laax (e-bikes can be hired at the valley station) and takes riders past the Flims campsite and on to the almost perfectly circular Prau Pulté. The lake occupies a small clearing in the forest – although the “lake” is empty in the autumn. Once past the lake, you follow the trail to the world-famous Lake Cauma with its particularly attractive photo opportunities in the autumn. The next leg of the tour takes you to Conn (see the next tip for more information) and ends at Lake Cresta.

Bright blue, Lake Cauma is located in the middle of a dark green coniferous forest. © Danuser

Walk to Conn and the viewing platform over the Rhine Gorge

An agreeable alternative is to explore the Rhine Gorge on foot. Starting at Flims Waldhaus (take the bus from Laax Village to Flims Lake Cauma), the walk leads you for about 30 minutes through the Flims Forest to the idyllic Lake Cauma. Passing the little Caumasee mountain railway, a further half hour brings you to Conn, where the Restaurant Conn is positioned to catch the sun’s rays. If you’re hungry you will be sure to find delicious food here (tip: Trinser Birnenravioli!) before walking the final five minutes to the “Il Spira” viewing platform. From the platform you can look down into the Rhine Gorge and up to the peaks of the Signina mountain range. You can return in the other direction (Flims-Waldhaus) or by retracing your steps. And if your legs are tired, an alternative is always the Conn taxi: a horse-drawn carriage.

From the viewing platform you have the best view of the Rhine Gorge. © Danuser

Hide-away Cinema if the weather is inclement

Even if it’s raining, the region around Laax includes some excellent bad weather options. The Hideaway Cinema offers film fans young and old an original approach to cinematic pleasures. What’s different about the Hideaway Cinema is not just its unusual ambiance with four different auditoriums, but also its modern technology which provides optimal sound quality. As far as possible all the small and friendly auditoriums show films in their original languages. More information on the film programme here.

This cinema can be seen, really stylish and cozy.

One small, final tip. When you check in at the wellnessHostel3000 all guests receive the Flims Laax Falera Guest Card, which is the key to many exclusive privileges in the region.


Laax in winter

Laax is worth a trip all year round. In winter, the destination not only makes freestyle hearts beat faster, also for family ski vacations Laax is definitely worth a trip. If you don’t want to race down the slopes, you can take your skis to the cross-country ski trail.

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