Our team

Our team

Good to have you here! On this page you have the opportunity to get to know our team better.

Our very own adventurer


Our digital marketing specialist is always keen to try out new experiences. She rarely keeps her feet still. You never know where you’ll find her from one day to the next – on the summit, by the water or in the city? When she plans her next tour of discovery, then she’s certain to look for a secluded spot, with good food and good company. Her sociable manner and creative ideas make her the perfect addition to our editorial team.

The hiking fan


Nina works for the Swiss Youth Hostels as a PR specialist. She’s always on the lookout for exciting stories, and not just at work – off the job, she’s constantly getting into new adventures to avoid boredom. When she’s not climbing mountains, partying at festivals or exploring Switzerland, she enjoys cuddling her two cats on the couch.

The active


Linda is our Head of Marketing and is up for any kind of fun. When she’s not spinning, jogging or boxing, she’s laughing until her stomach hurts at a comedy show. Linda has lived everywhere and provides us with the best holiday tips. Besides, Linda loves skirts so much that it’s almost a bit strange when she wears trousers for once.

Kleiner Abenteurer


My name is Yvonne and my son, husband and I test out excursion tips, museums, playgrounds, family-friendly cafés and restaurants in Switzerland. The Swiss Youth Hostels are ideally situated for our discovery tours and we appreciate the warmth and simplicity of the hostels. You can also follow our experiences on our Instagram account @kleiner_abenteurer.

The dog mum


After several years of training in photography and then studying to become a professional tourism professional (HF), Livia now lives in Glarus. Her passion for discovering and experiencing new things together with her dog Kaya remains undiminished to this day. As the successful owner and author of H-und.ch® Schweiz mit Hund erleben (Experiencing Switzerland with a Dog), Livia is passionate about providing her readers with a continuous stream of interesting and up-to-date information, advice and tips. The book of the same name Die Schweiz mit Hund erleben (Experiencing Switzerland with a Dog) quickly became one of the top ten travel guides in Switzerland.

The sports fanatic


Sina Candrian is a professional snowboarder, Swiss Youth Hostels ambassador and is always up for fun! In her free time, she’s usually somewhere out in nature. In winter, you’ll find her on her board, and in summer she’s biking or climbing. Sina joined the Schtifti Foundation in 2020, committed to promoting the health of young people together with the team.

The adrenaline-charged


Christina Ragettli is not only a huge winter fan, she also loves lacing up her hiking boots and going on discovery tours in summer. When she’s not exploring the mountains or testing a youth hostel, she spends lots of time with her family. The Swiss Youth Hostels ambassador is also a best-selling author, with her book «VON WEGEN». Besides her own story, she has also written her brother Andri Ragettli’s in «ATTACK YOUR DREAMS».

The versatile one


Natalie has been part of the Swiss Youth Hostels team for many years. She’s always on the lookout for new experiences and tips. When she’s not typing away, she gravitates towards exciting adventures with her son or plays music. In winter, Natalie is busy with her Carnival crew.

The youth hostel fan


At the beginning of 2020 he gave up his job and flat in preparation for a long-distance hike in the USA. However, he was unable to go due to the pandemic. Instead, he hiked the entire Swiss border, staying at youth hostels along the way.


Diana, Pascal & Levi

Discovering the world. Being free. Experiencing nature. Taking adventures and breaking out of their comfort zone time and again. This is Diana & Pascal and their son Levi, the youngest member on board Daytrippers. What began as a hobby has now become their lifestyle. After travelling South America for five months, they decided to share their impressions with the world. Today, they will show you how easy it is to discover Switzerland with a child.

Swiss Youth Hostels

Hello, we are the Swiss Youth Hostels team. We are on the road for you in our youth hostels and discover the most beautiful corners of Switzerland. We are happy to share our experiences and tips with you here on our blog.