Winter hiking in Switzerland – tips and info for your adventure

Winter hiking is all the rage in Switzerland. The Swiss Hiking Trail Federation provides unforgettable tour recommendations and practical tips. This is what you should know about the popular sport.

The hype surrounding winter hiking grabbed hold of the Swiss many years ago. For nearly 30 years, the Swiss Hiking Trail Federation has dedicated itself to this outdoor sport. There are now over 750 marked trails. Before we get to the TOP 10 recommendations, here are a few exciting and likely unknown titbits related to this winter activity

The pink signs for winter hiking trails are very easy to see. © Swiss Youth Hostels

How do new winter hiking trails come to be?

Winter hiking trails are made by the respective sponsor (destination, municipality, mountain railway etc.). There are several criteria to consider when planning new winter hiking trails, such as safety aspects, environmental compatibility or attractiveness. Those interested will find more detailed information here: «Guide to winter hiking trails and snowshoeing trails» (PDF-Download).

Switzerland is seeing pink.

Around one-fifth of the residential Swiss population has used marked winter hiking trails in the past twelve months, and that number is growing!
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SwitzerlandMobility Plus: The perfect app for planning a hike. © Swiss Youth Hostels

Who prepares the winter hiking trails?

The respective sponsor is responsible for preparing and monitoring winter hiking trails. The pink signs are installed before first snow to make sure they can easily be anchored in the ground and the locations are still easily accessible.

Are new winter hiking trails in the works?

The Swiss Hiking Trail Federation isn’t automatically informed of which destinations, municipalities, mountain railways etc. are planning new winter hiking trails. The federation is happy to help and advise sponsors, but no «duty to report» exists.
TIP: SwitzerlandMobility has published 7 new winter hiking trails and 7 new snowshoeing trails for the 2022/23 winter season.

TOP recommendations for winter hiking trails

  • Track: Holenstein – Brandegg
  • Duration: 02:25:00
  • Level: Medium – Snowshoes required

to the winter hiking trail

  • Track: First(Grindelwald) – Bussalp
  • Duration: 04:40:00
  • Level: Difficult

To the winter hiking trail

  • Track: Aminina – Montana
  • Duration: 03:55:00
  • Level: Medium

To the winter hiking trail

  • Track: Zermatt – Zmutt – Zermatt
  • Duration: 03:55:00
  • Level: Medium

To the winter hiking trail

  • Track: Naraus – Flims
  • Duration: 02:45:00
  • Level: Medium

To the winter hiking trail

  • Track: Tgnantien – Lenzerheide
  • Duration: 02:15:00
  • Level: Medium

To the winter hiking trail

  • Track: Pontresina – Roseg
  • Duration: 02:20:00
  • Level: Medium

To the winter hiking trail

  • Track: Brunni – Engelberg
  • Duration: 04:05:00
  • Level: Medium

To the winter hiking trail

  • Track: Saanenmöser – Gstaad
  • Duration: 02:05:00
  • Level: easy

To the winter hiking trail

  • Track: Ischalp – Davos Platz
  • Duration: 03:10:00
  • Level: Medium

To the winter hiking trail

Due to the constantly changing snow situation, there’s a possibility that not all winter hiking trails can be prepared. It’s worth checking with the municipality, the tourist office or the mountain railway before arrival.
Trail overview compiled by the Swiss Hiking Trail Federation.

On the way from Saanemöser to Gstaad © Schweizer Jugendherbergen


The Swiss Youth Hostels tested out one of the recommended trails: A winter hike from Saanenmöser to Gstaad, where one of our youth hostels is located. This easy trail took us past various farms with a constant view of the breathtaking alpine world.

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