One woman one mission: Sina tests Scuol’s winter offer

Whether freeride, snow park, cross-country skiing or sledging fun, Scuol offers all winter experiences on one mountain. An experience report by snowboard pro Sina Candrian.

The Engadin has always had a special appeal to me. With its characteristic conifers and the Romansh language, it enchants me time and again. It’s like diving completely into another world – far away from everyday life. So I was really looking forward to this trip, which took me to the youth hostel in Scuol.  

Scuol is super easy to reach. Either with the Rhaetian Railway or the Vereina car transporter. Scuol Youth Hostel is just a few minutes’ walk from the station. Hungry and full of anticipation for the weekend we checked in and enjoyed a delicious dinner of gnocchi and tomato sauce.

Before every freeride day, the obligatory avalanche check the night before is a must. © Corsin Näff

From bed to board

Our first day starts early. It snowed overnight. For us freeride enthusiasts, taking the first gondola was practically a must. But for all the thrills and adrenaline, there is one rule that is non-negotiable: Those who ride off-piste must have the appropriate avalanche equipment with them and come prepared. They should also have attended an avalanche course.

The lifts are just a few minutes away from Scuol Youth Hostel. © Corsin Näff

I always look into the avalanche situation a few days in advance and watch how it develops. However, a final check on the morning of the freeride day is essential. Weather and snow conditions can change constantly.

Checklist for freeriders:

1.       Check the avalanche situation with the free “White Risk” app from the Swiss Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF) and get access to avalanche bulletins, snow maps and other information.

2.       Pack your avalanche rucksack with the appropriate equipment. At minimum, you should carry an avalanche transceiver (LVS device), a probe and a shovel.

3.       Find out about the wildlife protection areas from the lifts and follow the relevant signs.

4.       Assess the slopes yourself on site.

Tip: An experienced mountain guide at your side provides extra safety and they can also tell you a lot about the local nature and the mountains.

With anticipation and equipment in your bag, nothing stands in the way of the powder runs! © Corsin Näff


After the obligatory checks, I gave our plan the green light. The snow conditions in the area around the Clünas lift were ideal for riding the powder.  We took advantage until our legs trembled and it was time for lunch.

Untouched snow and lots of POW!  © Corsin Näff

Even more action on the mountain

After fortifying ourselves at La Palma mountain restaurant, our afternoon programme continued. We tested the snow park just above the restaurant. The park offers something for every level of difficulty and is very versatile with various jumps and obstacles, such as rails and boxes. By the way, the “Dragon Line” was artfully designed and filled with obstacles made from upcycled materials by my snowboarding colleague Elena Könz.

Scuol snow park offers variety and creative lines. © Corsin Näff

After some creative and fun runs in the park, our next snow adventure on the mountain followed. We tackled the 3.5-kilometre sledging run – signposted with slope number 35. I don’t know whether the numbers are a coincidence. After about 30 minutes (or 35 minutes 😉) we reached the valley station of the Ftan chairlift.

By the way: Night-time sledging is also offered in the high season.

The fast-paced sledging run takes you straight down to the Ftan valley station. © Corsin Näff

After our sledging fun, we rounded off the afternoon with après-ski at Mar-Motta Bar. Afterwards, we enjoyed another delicious dinner at Scuol Youth Hostel. For a change, I ignored the inviting and generous salad buffet to leave enough room for the vegan barley soup and the vegetable risotto – mmm!

Relaxing on the mountain

Day two got off to a wonderfully relaxed start: I enjoyed the morning on the terrace of the youth hostel, surrounded by the warm morning sun, drinking a cup of tea and biting into a nice, crisp apple. Cross-country skiing was on the agenda. A completely new experience for me.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away – or, relax and reload! © Corsin Näff

Although I grew up in a ski resort, I had never thought about dedicating myself to cross-country skiing. The day before, I got the rental equipment from the experts at MANARÖL and asked Xaver, the managing director, for expert advice. MANARÖL also offers cross-country skiing courses. But I decided to take my first steps on my own.

Action on the flat is new territory for Sina. © Corsin Näff

I set off for the lifts in anticipation. I took the cable car to the Motta Naluns mountain station and after a leisurely five-minute walk, the 2.6-kilometre panoramic trail stretched out in front of me. It’s suitable for both classic technique and skating. I decided to skate and looked forward to exploring this flat route. 

The cross-country ski trail is surrounded by the beautiful Engadin mountain panorama. © Corsin Näff 

“Stand on the slats and try it out…”

…it can’t be that hard, I thought to myself and immediately tried out my first steps on the narrow skis. And in fact, I pushed off, slid forward and fell. Fortunately, Corsin, who accompanied me as a photographer, was engrossed in conversation with a walker and missed my fall. 

“Fall down, get up, fix your crown and keep going!” © Corsin Näff

My athletic ambition was activated, and I never give up anyway. My tenacity paid off: After a little practice, I was able to move better and faster, becoming more and more confident.

My cross-country skiing summary

Thumbs up for cross-country skiing. I enjoyed challenging my body and at the same time gliding through nature on my skis and enjoying the peace and quiet. The cross-country ski trail in Scuol also offers a magnificent view of the valley and Tarasp Castle. Right next to the cross-country ski trail, La Charpenna mountain restaurant also provides for food and drink in between.


After these two days jam-packed with snow, I set off on my journey home with lots of great impressions. One thing’s for sure– I’ll be back!

If you’re already looking forward to winter, you can get even more inspiration from Sina here:

This trip was made possible thanks to the support of the MANARÖL Nordic Gravel cross-country ski rental and ski school and Bergbahnen Scuol. Thank you very much!

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