Relaxed train adventures – possible thanks to SchweizerStädteTour

Good planning is the be-all and end-all of any trip. Surely you know how stressful it can get preparing for a trip. That’s exactly what we’ll do for you!

Discovering Switzerland by train is actually quite obvious. Sit back in your seat and relax, enjoy the scenery or read a good book. You may also combine several places at once and leave the stress of preparation to us.

Crazy and innovative – that’s us

Outsiders ask if we’re twins, but we only share the same interests and hair colour. We’re two 21-year-old friends from the Linth region. We’ve been exploring the most beautiful places in Switzerland by train for many years. Our highlight was when we explored all the main towns in Switzerland. But we hardly ever wore shoes, our most faithful companion was always our rollerblades.

Even at the main station, the two are on rollerblades ©SchweizerStädteTour

While eating pizza on Lake Lucerne, we had the idea of making our knowledge of planning train journeys available to others. That’s why we’re now planning customised train journeys to your favourite places and other surprise locations in Switzerland. Save yourself the tedious preparations and simply look forward to your departure. And with our many years of experience, you can enjoy every second of your tour.

You can visit the famous Kapellerbrücke on your tour ©SchweizerStädteTour

Why we love trains and why you’ll love them too

You’re adventurous and like to discover new spots? Then you’ve come to the right place.
Right now, many places in Switzerland are aglow with Christmas magic. Maybe you’d like to take a little Christmas market tour and indulge in some mulled wine and treats? With the train you’re prepared for any situation and can enjoy the time with your friends or family instead of being annoyed by traffic jams and red lights. And in no time you’ll be in the next city, where there’s plenty to discover all over again. Which Swiss towns have you always wanted to visit? Tell us and we’ll send you there.

The two have also already visited the most famous mountain in Switzerland ©SchweizerStädteTour

Our secret to saving time? Perfect preparation!

You can experience the most if you make the most of your time in your favourite places. The best way to do this is to catch the best train connections between the cities. With just a few clicks you can fill in the form on our website and within a few days you’ll receive the tour put together especially for you. This includes all connections and information on the cities visited. Entertainment on the train is of course also provided. We put together exciting games, puzzles and challenges especially for you, which can be solved alone or in groups. So follow our motto and enjoy your time to the fullest 😉

Extra kick on wheels

We’re known for always being on our rollerblades because it saves a lot of time in the cities. This way we can experience even more in a short amount of time. And rollerblading is just so much fun. Can you blade too? Then maybe we’ll see each other on rollerblades in a city sometime soon. But please remember that many old towns have cobblestone pavement. That’s not an obstacle, it’s an experience. Instead of rollerblades you can also use a skateboard, kickboard or something similar. An extra kick is guaranteed!

What are you waiting for? Visit our website and let us plan your personal tour. Because the best time to travel is now!


The spa town of Baden in the beautiful canton of Aargau ©Adrian

Get a taste of city air

You love to discover the most different cities, but want a little inspiration in advance? We have already explored one or the other city in Switzerland for you and have the most diverse experience tips ready for you. Browse through our articles about the cities of Switzerland.

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