Swiss Youth Hostels as partner of the MS Sports overnight camps

MS Sports organises 190 summer camps for kids – some of them including overnight stays for great camp experiences.

This year MS Sports is organising 377 camps at 241 locations across Switzerland for 16,000 kids aged 6-15, 27 of which include overnight stays. There’s a wide range of different sports options available: Football, biking, horseback riding, chess, tennis, snow sports as well as polysports.

As the largest Swiss camp provider, MS Sports has put together a versatile programme. The focus is on kids’ favourite sports, boosting their immune systems and socialising. In this interview, founder and CEO Mario Sager talks about the recipe for success in the now 14-year history of the MS Sports Camps, the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the collaboration with the Swiss Youth Hostels as a new accommodation partner.

Kinder spielen Fussball

Action is the order of the day at football camp Picture ©MS Sports

What is special about MS Sports?

Sports are our passion. We offer children and young people aged 6 to 15 inexpensive, meaningful and high-quality holiday activities and enable them to have fun and exercise during their school holidays. Another plus: this also eases the burden on parents. It is important to us that no social or financial barriers stand in the way of the children.

Together with our partner association VFKS we want to make it possible for every child to have an unforgettable camp experience. Thanks to VFKS, socially disadvantaged kids receive a discount of up to 80%. With 14 years of experience, a high level professionalism and a lot of heart and soul, we create spaces for the athletic, social and personal development of children and young people.

zwei Jungs spielen Tennis

Team spirit and fun go hand in hand Picture ©MS Sports

What kind of camps does MS Sports organise?

There’s a wide variety of sports, ranging from football, biking, horseback riding, dancing, tennis, chess & sports to polysports and snow sports. What’s special about polysports camps is that kids can try out two new sports such as floorball, athletics, trampoline, artistic gymnastics, flag football, badminton, etc. every day. Thanks to this variety, we have quite the range to offer.

Gruppe von tanzenden Mädchen

In the polysports camps the kids can try two new sports every day Picture ©MS Sports

Why are youth hostels suitable as accommodation partners?

Out of 348 camps, 37 are offered with accommodation and a comprehensive all-inclusive package, allowing us to provide children with a very special experience. The Swiss Youth Hostels offer the kids everything they need for a real camp experience, making them the ideal accommodation partner for us. The kids share bunk beds, spend a lot of time together, are served varied and healthy meals and can enjoy a variety of games in and around the youth hostels. These are perfect conditions for a special kind of camp experience.

Children make a pillow fight

Special offer

Special offer of the Swiss Youth Hostels

Parents accompany their children and stay overnight at the youth hostels for 20% less

Thanks to the cooperation with the Swiss Youth Hostels, there is a special offer for the whole family this year: Parents who want to visit their children and spend time as a family can get a 20% discount on overnight stays (2 nights or more) at a nearby hostel by using the promo code MSSPORTS.

The pandemic has also presented you with challenges. Now camps can take place again. What are you looking forward to most?

Yes, the pandemic was quite challenging for us. After losing some orders last year and suffering a big financial loss, we are now even more grateful to be able to pursue our passion again. We are highly motivated and are already in the middle of the 190 summer camps.

We look forward to seeing all the happy kids who can finally let off steam and play their favourite sports with their friends again. Exercise is more important now than ever. It’s a great joy for the whole MS Sports team to see the lightheartedness, energy and gratitude of the kids. If the children go home at the end of the week with beaming faces, we have achieved our goal.

Mädchen spielt Schach

At chess camp, kids learn what a smart chess move is

For the summer holidays, there are still some open spaces in the camps. What is the best way to register and who can attend the camps?

For the summer, there are still a few spaces available. If you still want to secure a spot for one of our camps, you can find all the information you need and register on our website. Thanks to the cancellation insurance we offer, there’s no risk, even if your plans should change.

Overnight camps with available places

Youth Hostel Interlaken 02.08 – 06.08

Youth Hostel Rapperwil-Jona 09.08 – 13.08

Youth Hostel Solothurn 09.08 – 13.08

Youth Hostek Lausanne 16.08 – 20.08

Youth Hostel Lucerne 04.10 – 08.10

Youth Hostel Schaan-Vaduz 04.10 – 08.10

Youth Hostel Engelberg 11.10 – 15.10

An interview with Mario Sager, CEO / Owner MS Sports AG

Portraitbild von Mario Sager

Mario Sager, whose company is named after his initials, founded MS Sports in 2007. The former professional soccer player overcame numerous hurdles in favor of families being able to offer kids a meaningful and inexpensive vacation activity. MS Sports now organizes 348 camps at 227 locations throughout Switzerland.

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