10 things you should experience in Liechtenstein

And not just anywhere: our youth hostel is located in the largest municipality of Liechtenstein. Schaan has a good 6,000 residents, putting it ahead of the capital of Vaduz with 5,500 residents. But enough facts! What can you do in the world’s sixth smallest country, bigger than the Marshall Islands but smaller than San Marino and Tuvalu?

Here, it’s one highlight after the other. Speaking of hunting, let’s get started with a trip to Malbun:

1. Hunting birds

It only takes 30 minutes from Schaan to Malbun, where a unique experience awaits you at the Galina falconry: Falconer Norman Vögeli (did we mention that Vögel is German for “birds”?) not only offers spectacular bird-of-prey flight shows, but also private free flight adventure walks. Here, a hawk accompanies you, settles down on your arm time and again, only to circle above you once more a short time later.

To the birds

2. «More than a little dough with a hole»

After this kind of experience, you need some energy. That’s why it’s worth stopping in Vaduz on the way back: at the American Bagel & Coffee Co. it’s easy to linger with coffee made from 100% Arabica Fairtrade beans from Latin America, comfortable armchairs and a stuffed bagel. “More than a little dough with a hole in the middle” is the company’s claim.

American Bagel & Coffee Co.
Städtle 28
9490 Vaduz

3. Pub crawl in Schaan

With 6,000 residents, Schaan has quite a few pubs to offer. After dinner at the youth hostel, a small pub crawl awaits you: 4 stops spread over 2.4 km. From the youth hostel, it’s off to the Long John Bar, followed by stops at the Black Pearl and the Central Garage before the tour ends at UNIKUM My Local Pub. Bonus tip: If you still feel like it or are hungry, you can stop by the Long John Bar on the way back. Snacks are available here until late at night.

4. Fürstensteig – Three Sisters mountain hike

Now it’s time to get down to business: The Fürstensteig and the Three Sisters track are considered to be magnificently constructed mountain trails. The ridge paths require a head for heights and surefootedness. On a 12.3 km journey you look down on the neighbouring countries of Switzerland and Austria.

Set off on a hike

5. Heads up, foodies – part 1: Käseknöpfle

Only 18 minutes by car from the youth hostel, Wirtschaft zum Löwen offers what may be the best cheese spaetzle in all of Liechtenstein. From there it is a 650-metre walk to Austria. Turn your trip abroad into a tour through several countries in just a few minutes.

Cheese spaetzle

6. Heads up, foodies – part 2: On the lookout for Ribel

This cornmeal-based dish is eaten with applesauce and coffee and used to be a staple for the poor in the principality. Keep a lookout for a restaurant that serves Ribel.

Tip 1:

This speciality can be found at Restaurant Specki as a vegan alternative. With its small menu, take-away offer and social concept, the restaurant is worth a visit even without Ribel.


Tip 2:

Unable to find Ribel? In addition to many other regional specialities, the Hoi shop in Vaduz offers the perfect Ribel starter set with a cooking spoon, Ribel cornmeal and recipe booklet. Try it at home.

Hoi Laden

7. Five Castles Tour by bike or e-bike

What would a stay in Liechtenstein be without castles? Coming in at around 45 km, this circuit tour leads past Werdenberg Castle, to the castle ruins of Wartau, down to Sargans Castle, where you will be able to see Gutenberg Castle in Balzers, and back to Schaan via Vaduz, where Vaduz Castle has towered above the small town as the landmark of Liechtenstein for about 700 years.

The route is also ideal as an e-bike tour, for example if you need something light on your agenda after the pub crawl or the mountain hike.

InstaSpot: Stop at the old Rhine bridge below Vaduz. This wooden construction is extremely photogenic.

Get biking

8. Llama and alpaca trekking

Another tip for animal lovers: a llama or alpaca trek will definitely put you in a good mood. On the road with such an animal, you almost feel like you’ve been transported straight to the South American Andes. Like we said, a tour through several countries. #ivetravelledtheworldandthesevenseas

It’s llama time

9. Nendeln kart track

We’re big fans of the kart track in Nendeln: The karts are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which in turn are charged with electricity from the solar panels on the hall roof. Karting is always fun, but especially in Liechtenstein!

Time to kart

10. Been there, done that: Souvenir stamp

Last but not least: Grab your passport, venture into town again and get proof of your trip with the official country stamp before heading back to faraway Switzerland and telling everyone about your experiences.

Been there, done that

As you can see, Liechtenstein is always worth a visit. And if all the tips haven’t blown you away, the newly renovated youth hostel that opens its doors in April certainly will. By the way, you can find many more tips here or get inspired by the Outdooractive tours if one hike isn’t enough for you. We look forward to your visit.

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