A family’s quest to visit every Swiss Youth Hostel

Our loyal fans Katharina, Michael, Mathias, Samuel and Alexandra set themselves the goal of visiting each of our youth hostels once. In this article, the family explains how this goal came about and what the Swiss Youth Hostels mean to them.

During a visit to Locarno Youth Hostel, Katharina and Michael’s three children discover the youth hostel directory that lists all the hostels in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. They immediately start ticking all the hostels the three have visited since their first trip to Romanshorn Youth Hostel in 2016. Then suddenly, they have a flash of inspiration: “Why not try to fill this card completely!” The aim is for Mathias, Samuel and Alexandra to visit every Swiss Youth Hostel – including some of them without their parents. 😉

This is what it looks like when a youth hostel was visited and checked off the list. © Katharina

When asked what the family particularly likes about the youth hostels, mother Katharina answers: “That they are so uncomplicated. The youth hostels are an inexpensive place for a family to stay overnight, including breakfast, so you don’t have to worry about it.” They also appreciate the spacious grounds and the opportunity to meet other kids.

They start the day with a delicious breakfast. At the table, they immediately start planning the day and checking out possible activities in the area. “In addition, there is usually something to do in the youth hostel itself. In Burgdorf, for example, we visited the museum every day,” Katharina recalls.

There is always a lot to discover in the area around the youth hostels. © Katharina

On the road by train

Even the journey to the youth hostels is an adventure for the family. Since they don’t own a car, they always travel by public transport. “The journey is already part of the youth hostel visit,” explains Katharina.

The first trips this year are already history. In spring, they went to Baden – for a swim 😉 And a visit to the children’s museum was not to be missed. At Whitsun, the family went to Lake Geneva. In Montreux, they went to Chateau Chillon and the Queen Museum.

Youth hostel excursions are always great fun. © Katharina

Skiing holidays in Saas-Fee

The family is particularly fond of the wellnessHostel4000 in Saas-Fee. “We have been spending our ski holidays there since 2018. You have various options at the youth hostel: Visit the indoor pool, watch TV, play billiards, rent games at the reception, wellness, eat dinner and breakfast and meet other children,” Katharina enthuses and continues, “The place itself is also very great. You can ski, snowboard, ice skate, meet friends, go winter hiking, have a coffee everywhere. We’re outside all day and in the evening we go to the indoor pool and after dinner there’s a game or we sit in front of the TV.”

And what do the Swiss Youth Hostels mean to the family? “The youth hostels are a great way for us to get to know Switzerland and always discover something new. Since we’re all curious, it’s always interesting to discover still unknown Yugis. The hostels are a very good way to escape from everyday life,” Katharina concludes.

Even though we’re sad when the holiday comes to an end, we know we have other new youth hostel adventures to look forward to. © Katharina

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