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A short break from hectic everyday life? You don’t have to travel halfway across Switzerland to do this – you can often find convenient excursion destinations (almost) on your doorstep. Our tip: a short trip to the next small town – this time to the spa and cultural city of Baden.

Bathing in Baden

If you go to Baden, there’s no getting around visiting one of the many spas. Because the name says it all. First and foremost, the newly opened FORTYSEVEN, which is located directly on the Limmat. It offers everything that wellness fans love.

The new thermal bath FORTYSEVEN in the middle of the Bäder Quartier in Baden. © Daytrippers

What we found particularly cool was the «cosmos area». Here, you can also relax with sound and images on a reclining shell in the saltwater pool or in the beautiful winter garden.

The outdoor pools with a view of the Limmat are another highlight of the new spa in the city of culture. In addition, there is a wide range of treatments that definitely stand out from «classic» treatments you may be familiar with. For example, in addition to various beauty and massage treatments, there are also courses that boost your well-being. The bistro also provides wellness for the body with delicious bowls made from regional and seasonal products.


Youth Hostel x FORTYSEVEN

Mit dem Wellness Package FORTYSEVEN Baden buchst du Wellness und Übernachtung in einem.

Hot springs

If you only want to take a short dip in the warm water, without any luxury, the thermal springs are recommended. On both the Baden side and the Ennetbaden side, there is a public spring, freely accessible to all. This is the best way to relax with a view of the Limmat and a water temperature of almost 40 degrees.

The hot spring the perfect alternative to the thermal bath. © Daytrippers

Also suitable for warmers. © Daytrippers

Up high with the best view

To admire the city from above, you don’t have to get in a helicopter – Baden offers two very beautiful vantage points with the best view: the Stein castle and, a little further away, the Baldegg water tower.

The Baden flag sits proudly atop the castle ruins. © Daytrippers

You can get to the Stein castle either on foot directly from Baden’s old town or by city bus. Those who prefer to walk start in Baden’s old town. The path leads along the city wall, up a hundred steps to the ruins. If you want to get to the ruins more comfortably or with a pram, you can also take bus no. 5 towards Baldegg and get off at the Lindeli stop. From the ruins you have the best view of the city.

A wide view over the rooftops of Baden – definitely a worthwhile excursion. © Daytrippers

You can look even further into the distance from the local mountain Baldegg. High up on the water tower, you can enjoy an even wider view over the spa town and the surrounding villages. From the Stein ruins, it’s a good 45-minute walk to the second viewpoint. If you want, you can pack your picnic basket and stop for a snack on the way.

The perfect stroll and fine dining

As a city, Baden itself has a lot of charm and you can also just wander through the alleys. This is how we discovered the concept store Yanagocha, where we got a delicious coffee. One half café, the other half outdoor shop. We were immediately struck by the travel bug again when we saw all the travel gear.

There is a lot to discover in the alleyways of Baden. © Daytrippers

In the evening we went to the «Brunello» – although everyone always tends to think that they know the best pizzaiolo, in Baden most people will probably point you to the Brunello. Not only are the pizzas amazingly delicious, you also have to try the homemade pasta. Another plus: the restaurant is very family-friendly and the little ones, as you would expect from Italians, are welcomed in a very friendly way, and served first.

Frau Meise and the Children’s Playground

It’s always great when a city has an outdoor playground where the little ones can let off steam. The playground at Graben in Baden is quite large and has many great elements. After playing, we go to one of the most famous cafés in Baden. Frau Meise is a classic and especially known for their brunch. But they also serve delicious bagels and cakes. Especially on weekends, it is advisable to make a reservation here.

Levi – the new fan of the outdoor playground in the ditch of Baden. © Daytrippers

It’s always worth spending a long weekend in Baden – the youth hostel is in an idyllic location directly on the Limmat within walking distance of the city, making it the ideal starting point for any adventure.

Immersed and

Baden offers much more than Pascal and Diana experienced. Adrian was in Baden in the summer and has even more tips for you.

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kleiner Junge im Kinderrucksack zeigt mit dem Finger auf einen Baum

Diana, Pascal and Levi have not only been swimming for us, they have already explored the Engadin and its diversity.

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