Camp experience at the Swiss Youth Hostels

MS Sports Camps is organising over 200 sports camps for children this summer – some of which include an overnight stay and camp experience at a Swiss Youth Hostel.

The Swiss Youth Hostels will be the venue for various sports camps for children this summer and autumn. The founders of the camps tell us here how an MS Sports Camp works and what the little aces experience.

What are MS Sports Camps?

This year, MS Sports is organising 377 camps at 241 locations throughout Switzerland for 17,000 kids between the ages of six and fifteen. There are 30 camps with overnight stays spanning several days.

The choice of sports is varied: from football, biking, horse riding, chess, tennis, polysports to skiing & snowboarding – they have it all. MS Sports has put together a varied programme so that the kids can do their favourite sports while strengthening their immune system as well as their social contacts.

The overnight camps are a special highlight. An ideal accommodation partner was found in the Swiss Youth Hostels.

The riding camps promote the proper treatment of animals. © MS Sports Camps

A typical day at camp

The programme at a camp lasts from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and includes two training sessions in the chosen sport. Not to mention exciting social programmes such as micro-scooter rides, Panini picture swaps, Lotto and much more. 11-year-old Sil from Zufikon tells us: «There are always such cool sports. I like football the most. At noon and in the evening we can play Werewolf and other games, draw and so on.»

Fun comes first. © MS Sports Camps

The four to five-day camps include overnight stays. The kids choose their bunk beds and spend lots of time together – including talent shows, casino nights, chess tournaments and much more. In addition, all camp participants are provided with varied and healthy meals and can also enjoy a wide range of games at and around the youth hostels.

These are the perfect conditions, as 11-year-old Raphael from Birmensdorf tells us: «The entertainment is tremendous, all the food is great and what we do is so much fun. The coaches are all very funny. I like ping pong the best, but also trampolining with the final show.»

Camps foster the body and mind – for example with chess. © MS Sports Camps

A look behind the scenes with founder Mario Sager

This year MS Sports celebrates its 15th anniversary. The origins and the heart of Switzerland’s largest camp provider can be found in Central Switzerland. The very first football camp took place in Eschenbach in 2007 and was the starting signal for a new camp era. With the idea of giving children a meaningful holiday experience during the school holidays and relieving their parents, Mario Sager ran his first football camp with 64 children in that year.

Portraitbild von Mario Sager

Founder and CEO Mario Sager

The resources were limited, but the children enjoyed it tremendously. Even 15 years after its foundation, the CEO’s enthusiasm and passion are unmistakable: «We are very proud and happy to be able to provide agreeable and meaningful holidays for so many children and young people throughout Switzerland.» The secret to success is simple: «I give my best every day with all my heart and soul, and very good staff and coaches are important, too.»

Together, the children and young people experience unforgettable sporting moments. © MS Sports Camps

Sign up now and secure your spot

There are a few spots available in the summer and autumn camps. If you would like to secure a spot in a camp, you can find all the information about the camps and their prices as well as the registration form, at this link. With the cancellation insurance offered by MS Sports, you also run no risk if your plans change at short notice.

Special anniversary offer for families

Thanks to the cooperation with the Swiss Youth Hostels, there is a special offer for the whole family this year: Parents who want to visit their children and have some family time can get a 20% discount on accommodation (2 nights or more) at a nearby youth hostel by using the promo code MSSPORTS.


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Angela Käslin is Head of Communications at MS Sports and has been with them for over ten years. A passionate footballer, she played in the FC Lucerne’s women’s team for over 20 years and has been involved as a coach in junior football for over a decade.

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