Detectives wanted at Burgdorf Castle Museum

Something unbelievable has happened at Burgdorf Castle. Someone sneaked into the museum during the night and quite brazenly stole an old signet ring

This is where you come in. The signet ring must be returned to Burgdorf Castle Museum, but where is it?
Fortunately, the surveillance camera filmed everything and now the inspector is trying to piece together the various leads. And she needs your help doing it.

The commissioner reveals hot information to put you on the right track. ©Burgdorf Castle

Forensics were able to recover a lost notebook. In it, the thief has neatly recorded his or her ideas on what else to steal. The reception desk will be happy to share with you the clues that have been found so far, and to get you started, the inspector will show you a video with tips for your search in the museum.

This family was already on the trail of the thief. Are you the next? ©Burgdorf Castle

On the detective tour you will pass by numerous exhibit highlights and learn interesting background information about the objects. In some of the places you need to be very observant, in others you need patience to find the right solution. After all, you’ll be learning lots about the ancestors of the suspects and the history of the castle.

What role does this cannon play in the case of the missing signet ring? ©Burgdorf Castle

At the end of the tour, the inspector will eagerly be awaiting your new findings, which will hopefully help to solve the case. If your clues lead to discovering the culprit, the inspector will present you with a Master Detective award as a thank you. The Burgdorf Castle Museum is counting on the help of as many sleuths as possible!

Burgdorf Castle Museum is worth a trip even without tracking. ©Burgdorf Castle

The new detective tour is suitable for museum visitors with children aged nine and up. For families with younger children, the family tour with the castle ghost Burdtli and his friends in the museum is an excellent choice. There are also free tour flyers available at the reception for anyone interested in the Middle Ages or globetrotting


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Daniel is the museum director at Burgdorf Castle. He really enjoys the unique combination of museum, youth hostel and restaurant, which always makes for exciting encounters. To keep the museum alive, he is always on the lookout for new stories and collaborations. Among the youth hostels, he is particularly fond of the two wellness hostels.

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