Discover the three secrets of Burgdorf Castle

The castle has stood on its rock for 800 years and has welcomed a wide variety of guests. Will you be next?

Unique journey

At Burgdorf Castle you don’t just stay overnight, you experience something unique every time. On the way up to one of the largest castle complexes in Switzerland, audio stations take you on a journey back in time to the Middle Ages. When you enter your room, you’ll find a surprise that will get you in the mood for your museum visit; the entrance fee is already included in the price of your overnight stay. The food is not from the Middle Ages, it’s local and fresh, and is served within the ancient walls or in the sunny castle courtyard with a view of the Emmental and the Alps.

Restaurant mit Personen

Here you can enjoy local and fresh food in a chivalrous setting

Each room is unique

When you stay overnight at Burgdorf Castle, you always discover a new room. This is not only because each one fits into the historic walls, but also because a small re-enactment awaits you in each room: On laundry day, for example, you can discover how time-consuming washing clothes used to be, or at the ski school you can learn about long and unusual routes to school. We won’t tell you what’s behind Fixpunkt and Hochdruck. You can be sure that the double rooms all have a shower and WC

The most diverse museum

I’m not saying that, our visitors are. Burgdorf Castle is a large cabinet of curiosities and in the museum you can discover countless cabinets of curiosities – be it for travelling or for ringing memories. What response do the played sounds evoke in you? That can remain your secret. Depending on whether you are interested in the Dukes of Zähringen, panning for gold on the Napf, the cheese trade or the stories of comings and goings in the area, you choose your own tour.

With the multimedia shows, you can immerse yourself in past legal cases in the former courtroom or follow the development of the city and region in time lapse on a large-scale model. And for those who prefer to explore with their hands, there are numerous hands-on stations in our museum (don’t forget to disinfect).

Schaukasten mit Bildern und Figuren

There is so much to discover in the museum

The castle for all

There is always something going on at Burgdorf Castle. For example, the castle courtyard is a place for children to play or, on special occasions to see the medieval figures of the Zähringen people. After Covid-19, culture is bringing people together again in the castle with a concert, a reading or a film screening. On public castle tours you can learn new stories or you can book a group workshop on beer brewing. You can even hire the Assisensaal for your own celebration at the castle or say “I do” to your sweetheart in the Schiltensaal. We look forward to you becoming part of life at Burgdorf Castle and discovering the next secret of this fascinating castle complex.

Menschengruppe auf Schloss Rundgang

Discovery tour of Burgdorf Castle

A report by Daniel Furter, Museum Director of Burgdorf Castle. 

Portraitbild von Daniel Furter

Daniel is the museum director at Burgdorf Castle. He really enjoys the unique combination of museum, youth hostel and restaurant, which always makes for exciting encounters. To keep the museum alive, he is always on the lookout for new stories and collaborations. Among the youth hostels, he is particularly fond of the two wellness hostels.

You now know how chivalrous it is at Burgdorf Castle. But how princely is it in our beautiful neighbouring country of Lichtenstein? We have something for you to make you feel like a prince.

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Jugendherberge Sils im D.

Would you like to spend a chivalrous night in a castle and walk through old walls in the footsteps of the Romans and Habsburgs? The Swiss Youth Hostels offer you the opportunity to stay in very unique accommodation. By the way: A knight’s castle is ideal for an event or an excursion with the school class.

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