Experience rivers, knights and a great youth hostel in beautiful rural surroundings

Surrounded by the Reuss, Limmat and Aare rivers, Brugg promises a wonderful summer stay in the countryside. Christina shares her top tips for things to see and do.

Summer is here – it’s June and the temperatures are high. I am exploring the small town of Brugg in the beautiful canton of Aargau and testing out some of regions’ summer highlights. The Schlössli Altenburg Youth Hostel in Brugg is located close to the beautiful River Aare and is the perfect place to enjoy plenty of rest and relaxation in stunning green surroundings. A relaxed youth hostel with excellent ecological credentials.

The canton of Aargau shows its best side when Christina visits. ©Christina

It’s time to get back to our youth hostel tour of discovery. The first hostel is the Schlössli Altenburg in Brugg. You may not have heard very much about Brugg. The town is located in a special place in the canton of Aargau where the Aare, Limmat and Reuss rivers converge. When I arrive at the youth hostel, the first thing I notice is the large, verdant garden and the bed sheets that are being dried outside in the sun.

Quite charming the little castle Altenburg. ©Christina

I meet Saba, the hostel manager, and she tells me that the hostel hangs everything out to dry. They have no need for a tumble dryer at all. Wow! That’s a lot of work when you have to change 50 beds! But Saba doesn’t seem to mind. She also explains that she makes homemade syrups and jam from the bounties of the elder tree and fruit from the garden. Jara is responsible for the kitchen. Jara and Saba run the youth hostel by themselves. I am impressed by the efforts of these strong women and the great atmosphere that permeates the Brugg Youth Hostel.

Hostel manager Saba is looking forward to your visit. If you need a tip for an excursion, Saba will be happy to help you. ©Christina

Active fun by the river

The Schlössli fountain babbles next to me as I enjoy my breakfast which includes the delicious homemade jam. Last night I was by the river, only a two-minute walk from the hostel. There is a nice place with tables and benches to relax. One particular highlight is the hanging vines, where you can swing into the water like Tarzan and Jane. Today, I make the most of the cool, early hours of the morning and set off to admire the moated castle from all angles. I have decided to do the two-hour bridge walk and will be walking along the Reuss, the Limmat and the Aare rivers for a few kilometres.

On hot summer days, you can jump right into the Aare. ©Christina

Brugg’s long-distance hiking hotspot

Although you might not expect it, Brugg is a well-known hiking town. It is where the long-distance Jura High Trail (Jura Höhenweg)passes through. This is totally my thing. I recommend the youth hostel as a place to stay. The Jura High Trail starts in Dielsdorf and ends in Nyon. It connects Zurich to the final destination just before Geneva. You arrive in Brugg at the end of the first day of the trail. I set out on this hike in 2018 and I would still recommend this hike to long-distance hikers – even the daily downpours of rain didn’t spoil the experience.

Furry encounter on the hike through the canton of Aargau. ©Christina

Today I’m on the panoramic Bridges Trail (Brücken-Panoramaweg). It only takes 2 hours at a leisurely pace. The walk is shady and I enjoy the many opportunities to cool down in the water.

With so many rivers, it takes a bridge or two. ©Christina

A final tip: On the way, I occasionally see signs bearing images of knights and statues and I start to google. Apparently, there is also an exciting legionnaire’s trail through Brugg. I don’t have time to do any other activities, but Aargau Museum is definitely a great place to visit if you’re a fan of medieval history: Museum Aargau Roman Adventure Park

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