Experience winter in Crans-Montana with your dog

Livia from H-und Tourismus is totally captivated by Crans-Montana. Read on to find out her top tips for enjoying the region accompanied by a furry friend – including a magnificent alpine panoramic view!

The winding journey to Crans-Montana takes us via Montreux and the towns of Sion and Sierre. As we journey onward, we’re enchanted by the majestic mountains and the magnificent alpine scenery. We’re very excited to reach our home for the next three days – Crans-Montana Youth Hostel.

Kaya enjoys the fresh mountain air and is looking forward to her stay at the Crans-Montana Youth Hostel. © Livia Waser

Spectacular surroundings and breathtaking views

After almost four hours of travel, we look forward to exploring this enchanting place that is bathed in brilliant sunshine. The famous Severiano Ballesteros golf course is just a few minutes’ walk from the hostel. Every year, the famous Omega European Masters takes place here. The course has now been transformed into a winter paradise, offering fantastic adventures and experiences for the whole family. Basking in the sunshine, we marvel at the magnificent alpine scenery that accompanies us almost every step of our trip.

When the golf course becomes a playground. © Livia Waser

A warm, dog-friendly check-in

We arrived at the Crans-Montana Youth Hostel just in time for check-in. We receive a warm welcome and get settled into our room. The room on the ground floor and near the entrance is reserved especially for dogs and owners, making it perfect for taking short walks. It’s also a great bonus that breakfast is included. What’s more, dinner can be booked as an extra. We really enjoyed the superb cuisine throughout our stay, which also meets the needs of allergy sufferers.

The hostel staff give the fluffy visitor a warm welcome. © Livia Waser

Fairytale winter magic, stunning alpine views and an ascent to almost 3,000 metres above sea level

Sunrise bathes the mountain peaks in a radiant glow, inviting us to explore their majestic beauty. The “Aprili/Aminona” route is planned for today.

This snowshoe hike is ideal for those who love to immerse themselves in unspoilt and tranquil natural surroundings. It offers an array of fantastic panoramic views of the awe-inspiring four-thousand-metre-high peaks.

The exploration tour starts in wonderful weather. © Livia Waser

My loyal four-legged friend and I journey upwards and savour every moment, revelling in the gentle warmth of the sun. The breathtaking alpine scenery remains our constant companion throughout the tour and our fascination only grows stronger with every step.

Did you know?

As a member of H-und Tourismus, your dog stays free of charge in the Swiss Youth Hostels from 1 March to 30 June 2024!

After our climb in Hameau de Colombire (1,850 m), we take a well-deserved break and treat ourselves to some refreshments at a restaurant.
But the tour is far from over. The trail continues through the fairytale winter landscape towards La Cave du Scex.
When we arrive, it’s time to relax. We sit down on some comfortable sun loungers and enjoy a delicious lunch while we try to name as many mountain peaks on the horizon as we can.

The “Aprili/Aminona” tour is definitely not to be missed.

You will be rewarded with a marvellous view. © Livia Waser

Snowshoes or trail? The choice is yours!

The return journey to Aminona offers two options: either snowshoe hike along a designated trail or follow the road. We opted for the road, as it winds comfortably down into the valley.
A great tour that you should definitely add to your to-do list when visiting Crans-Montana.

A magical light display

A lovely way to round off an evening is a visit to the Chemin des Laternes (approx. 1.5 hours from the hostel), where you can enjoy an enchanting illuminated trail. The trail is only a few steps from the centre and is open until the beginning of March. It provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a fairytale evening experience surrounded by nature in the heart of Crans-Montana.

This brightly lit path makes an evening walk twice as much fun! © Livia Waser

Soaring to new heights

The third and final day of our trip has arrived and we’re still keen to visit lofty heights once again.

First, we take the gondola from Les Barzettes to Violettes and then the “Funitel” (a type of cable car) to the Plaine Morte, which is located 2,927 metres above sea level. When we arrive, we get to enjoy a magnificent view of the glacier that bears the same name.

High up on the peak, the effort of the ascent is already forgotten. © Livia Waser

We are both physically and emotionally on top of the world!

Equipped with the necessary equipment and expertise to tackle a hike at high altitude, we make the most of the perfect weather and conditions to climb the Sé Mort Tothore, which rises majestically to 2,995 metres above sea level.
The short burst of effort is worth it. At almost 3,000 metres above sea level, we say goodbye to the breathtaking view of the surrounding mountain scenery that accompanied us throughout our entire stay.

Livia, Kaya and Thomas say goodbye after a perfect weekend in Crans-Montana and are already looking forward to the next Jugi adventure. © Livia Waser


Off to the cross-country ski trail!

In Pontresina, you and your four-legged friend can embark on a cross-country skiing adventure.

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