Highlights around the Aare

It goes without saying that the Aare is no longer an insider tip. What the Bernese already know inside out is becoming increasingly popular in other regions as well: The Aare and its charms.

Drift through Bern!

Especially in summer, the Aare is a popular destination for excursions, “böötlet”, swimming, drifting and strolling. However, the locals have learned to use it for other purposes. It is not uncommon to drift to work in the morning. For those who don’t yet consider themselves Aare pros, we’ve put together a few highlights here, including ways to get in and out.

Carte de berne

Located on an old brewery site, Café Füürio is a rather new highlight on the Aare route. Café Füürio is known for its especially good coffee, which is a great way to get invigorated and keep on drifting.

If you still don’t feel the urge to leave at the first stop, it’s just a short wait to the «exit» below the Kornhaus bridge by Trybhouz. Pro tip: Sit on the little wall – there you have a great view of the bungee surfers.

Bungee Surfer auf der Aare in Bern

Gourmets listen up!

In the Schwellenmätteli,gourmets get their money’s worth. The varied menu ranges from refreshing salads to juicy chicken wings and delicious desserts. It goes without saying that the view you enjoy with your meal is 1A.

Aussenbar von der Jugendherberge Bern

The outdoor bar at Bern Youth Hostel is so cosy.

Youth hostel with an artistic atmosphere

Next to the Bern Youth Hostel, which sits enthroned between the Federal Palace and the Aare, you can find artists of movement at the «Park am Wasser». Here, slackliners, jugglers and yoga artists find themselves in their natural habitat, inspiring with amazing skills. With a take-away drink from the youth hostel, it’s also a nice and short stroll to the «Park am Wasser». Those who would like to actively participate will find all the information they need here.

People at the Aare in Bern

Der Marzili-Runway

Have you heard of the AAREBAR on the Marzili, also referred to as «D’Oase vor Houptstadt»? Every summer between June and September, the non-open-air bar is in business, providing you with refreshing drinks on a hot summer day. People like to meet here for a Vermouth Tonic or a tasty charcuterie platter. The fashion-conscious appearance of the strolling passers-by also creates an unforgettable runway feeling. If you’re not already a fan, you should definitely stop by this summer.

And if you’re still looking for a suitable summer tune, you should definitely add NISU – Id Aare to your playlist.

You can find more summer tips about water in our article “Off to the water vol. II: Switzerland’s most beautiful beaches“.


I am Annika, the 37-year-old young powerhouse of Burgdorf Castle. I have loved water since I was a little girl because of my star sign, Pisces. During my time in the city of Bern, I enjoyed floating on the Aare on my way to work. Now you can meet me in the water after work, summer or winter.

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