Ladies’ weekend on the High Rhine

A ladies' weekend in the town on the High Rhine. Wine hike, action and adventure. Schaffhausen offers so much more.

The time had come once again – the planning of a ladies’ weekend was on the agenda. After some toing and froing, the choice was made to stay at Schaffhausen Youth Hostel. So it all started on Saturday morning. Within 35 minutes of leaving Zurich we were in the city on the High Rhine.

High altitude hike for wine lovers

We locked up our luggage at Schaffhausen train station and took the bus directly to the start of our route. Our destination was the Blauburgunderland Panoramaweg, which starts at Siblingerhöhe (20 minutes from Schaffhausen station). From there, we hiked almost 15km through the heart of Schaffhausen’s Blauburgunderland ahead of us. You roam through the enchanting landscape with a far-reaching view, through vines and past the mountain church of St Moritz.

The landmark of the village of Hallau – the mountain church of St Moritz ©Katrin

The trail is very leisurely with only 260m of ascent. Various stops along the route at mountain farms for wine and a snack add to the entertainment. Trasadingen, a small town right on the German border, is the destination of our hike. From there we took the train back to Schaffhausen.

Our feet were smoking when we arrived at the station. We grabbed our luggage and jumped on the bus to the youth hostel, which stops right outside the front door. It doesn’t get any more comfortable than this…

Strahlend blauer Himmel und Reben soweit das Auge reicht – was will man mehr? ©Katrin

Of course, a good drop of wine is essential at any ladies’ weekend ©Katrin

A mild summer evening

In the evening, we were drawn back to the city by bus. Here we were spoilt for choice – from Italian to Asian to African restaurants. Schaffhausen really has a lot to offer here. In the end, we agreed and decided on a pizza on the market square.

We ended the summer evening on the market square. Fortunately, the bus brought us back to the youth hostel again, despite the late hour. Given our heavy legs, we would not have made it back on foot otherwise. Arriving at the Schaffhausen Youth Hostel, we were shocked to find that a youth group had checked in on our floor. Our concerns that it would be a noisy night were completely unfounded – as it was quiet until morning.

Schaffhausen’s market square bears the name Fronwagplatz

Action, adventure and adrenaline

The next morning after breakfast, we had to return home – unfortunately. But we still had lots of ideas for other activities, because Schaffhausen offers a lot more than just a visit to the Munot or the Rhine Falls. Incidentally, the Rhine Falls can be reached easily on foot from Schaffhausen in only 45 minutes. You can admire it on foot or from a boat.

However, we would be tempted by a bit more action, so we will be coming back again to experience the “Adventure Park Rheinfall” climbing park. Here, for CHF 40.00, adults can enjoy three hours of fun on various courses and get the adrenaline pumping. The highlight is certainly the panorama course, where you float over the Rhine Falls.

As an alternative to our chosen hike, we still had the combination of a boat trip and hike in mind. So maybe that’s an option for next time…maybe starting off at the Stein am Rhein Youth Hostel.

Enjoy the best view of the Schaffhausen Rhine Falls from the ropes of the Adventure Park

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