Lucerne Youth Hostel with a fresh new look

What’s new at Lucerne Youth Hostel? In this article, you’ll learn what benefits the renovation offers our guests as well as the secret behind the large wall photos.

Lucerne Youth Hostel on the picturesque Lake Rotsee is a building with a history: Ever since its opening in 1978, it’s welcomed a considerable number of guests and overheard lots of stories and adventures.

Now, this old lady has been revitalised and made even more beautiful with impressive wallpaper.

Impressive wall photo with a small video screen for the video obstacle course. © Andrea Soltermann

The large photos on the walls in the lounges and dining room are accompanied by a video obstacle course with riddling phone calls. It ultimately leads you to the youth hostel’s defunct telephone box, where the solution to the riddle is soon to be found.

«Hello, who’s there?» It all begins with a mysterious call outside Lucerne Youth Hostel. © Swiss Youth Hostels

Modern lounges and optimised food services

On the way to reception, you’ll notice not only the photo wallpaper, but also the great design of the seating and interior spaces. Thanks to collaboration with Nader Interior, the pictures and interior design are perfectly matched.
In the background, the renovation project also aimed to improve standards in the rooms and focused on repairing surfaces. Food services workflows were also optimised.

Lucerne Youth Hostel following renovations. © Andrea Soltermann

The fascination of technology and mobility

The idea behind the wall photos is a cohesive presentation. It highlights small sections of large objects in high resolution. Without giving too much away: All photo subjects are popular witnesses of the past of Swiss mobility technology and real exhibits at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne.

To the delight of the keen rowers who train on Lake Rotsee especially, the dining room also features a real, around 50-year-old skiff to go with the wallpaper.

Fascinating perspectives in the lounge area and the dining room. © Andrea Soltermann, Matthias Schnegg

Where to go?

What does the Swiss Museum of Transport have to do with the youth hostel – or vice versa? That’s simple: Lucerne Youth Hostel is planning a change in location and has found just the right partner: the Swiss Museum of Transport.

The museum premises include a high-rise office building from the 60s. Following a complete renovation, the youth hostel will relocate there, offering not only a postcard panorama, but also an unparalleled location.

Verkehrshaus Schweiz_Verkehrshaus

Bird’s-eye view of the Swiss Museum of Transport and the high-rise office building. © Verkehrshaus/Swiss Museum of Transport

Until then: enjoy Lake Rotsee!

As long as the hostel’s current location guarantees proximity to Lake Rotsee, you should enjoy that benefit to the fullest. Because Lake Rotsee, also called «Göttersee» (Lake of Gods) among rowers, has plenty of aces up its sleeve.

The shore areas are a conservation area and are home to versatile flora and fauna. Two-and-a-half kilometres in length, the lake is ideal for rowing regattas.

But the water also invites you to take a nice dip or sunbath, as the rolling hills provide protection from the strong wind. If you’re lucky, maybe the lake will even freeze over in winter, transforming into a natural ice field. And walkers will find a slow-paced loop trail with a playground and sections of forest.

Luzern_Rotsee_Schweizer Jugendherbergen

Sun and pure nature at Lake Rotsee. © Swiss Youth Hostels

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