Montreux is more than just jazz

When you think of Montreux, the Jazz Festival is sure to come to mind. But the city on Lake Geneva has much more to offer. Katrina explored the Montreux Youth Hostel and its region – read her travel report here.

Arrival with breathtaking views

On Sunday afternoon we finally set off. Via Bern, we continued to Lausanne by train. Anyone who has taken the train to Bern knows the familiar view of the Aare. But what’s even more beautiful is the view of the vineyards and Lake Geneva travelling to Lausanne. We enjoyed this view all the more after our journey was briefly interrupted due to a medical emergency on the train. We reached Vevey 30 minutes late. From there, we took a bus to the youth hostel, where we were warmly welcomed shortly before check-in ended.

Sonnenuntergang am Genfersee

Romantic sunset and a refreshing ice cream – what more do you want? © Katrina

After checking into our room, we decided to enjoy the sunset on a walk. We kicked off our short stay at one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland with an ice cream in hand and the last rays of sunshine on our faces.

An athletic start to the day

Our second day started with the youth hostel breakfast included in the price of the overnight stay. We had a hearty meal at the buffet, preparing us for the mission that lay ahead. After a short walk we reached the Fitness Centre, which we had chosen in advance. Yes, for some real fitness. For those of you who find it hard to do without a sports session, you can buy a day pass for CHF 25 and really let off some steam.

Schiffe im Hafen von Montreux

No matter where on Lake Geneva, good photo spots abound. ©Katrina

Fresh out of the shower, we set off on foot towards the city. The region is perfect for exploring on foot. Those who aren’t born walkers are lucky enough to benefit from the Riveria Card. Every guest receives this card at check-in and can benefit from various discounts and free use of public transport.

Boat trip instead of a cruise

After arriving in town and armed with a coffee, we made plans for the rest of the day. We were determined to take a boat trip to get to know the region from a different perspective. That’s why our next destination was the Vevey La Tour pier.

We opted for the Riviera Tour, which leads from Vevey towards Chillon Castle, on to Dents du Midi and back. We can warmly recommend this round trip to anyone who enjoys boating.

Schloss Chillon mit Schweizerfahne

The ship dock right next to the castle is an inviting place to stop and visit. ©Katrina

Back on land, we took to the mountains. We walked further along Lake Geneva to Vevey. Near the station is the Funi, a funicular that took us high up to Mont Pèlerin. From here you can take a short hike to the TV tower, but we decided to have an aperitif. The view is a dream and the weather was perfect. Back in Vevey, we ended our evening at Molino restaurant. A good stone-baked pizza and a glass of Amarone were the perfect end to the day.

Relaxation at its best in Montreux

The second day consisted of relaxation and indulgence. With full bellies (thank you delicious youth hostel buffet!), we headed off towards the city. Before relaxing, a minigolf duel was on the agenda. We set the stakes high – as we’re both crêpe lovers, it was clear that the loser pays for them. It was a duel of equals. With only 6 points difference, Katrina lost and therefore sponsored our crêpes.

Frau spielt Minigolf

Always a new challenge – playing mini golf! ©Katrina

Enough action for today!

We decided to spend the rest of the day at the lake and enjoy the sun, which was shining bright. With a picnic and drinks, we set up at the lake. The sun was blazing down on us, but it was fine since we could cool off in Lake Geneva, the water measuring a chilly 21 degrees. It was clear that we wouldn’t be returning to the youth hostel without a sunburn.

We enjoyed the evening with an aperitif at Le Contretemps and moved on to Toa Yuan in Vevey. If you like Chinese food, this is not only the right place for you, but you can also look forward to pleasant service.

Jugendliche spiele Beachvolleyball am Genfersee

The small beach in Clarens invites you to stay and enjoy. Image © Grégoire Chappuis

Au revoir Montreux

We indulged in the youth hostel breakfast one last time before we headed back home to the beautiful Fricktal. The perfect weather made our trip an even greater experience than it already was. Thank you to the Montreux Youth Hostel – until next time!

Jugendherberge Montreux von aussen

In a prime location directly on Lake Geneva – our Jugi Montreux. ©Katrina

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