Our top youth hostels by the lake

Summer is coming! Here are our top youth hostels for holidays by the lake. We have turquoise lakes galore. Who needs the sea?

Everything is better in summer! Finally, sunbathing is on the cards, along with spending afternoons by the water and enjoying delicious barbecues in the open air with your loved ones. Every day feels almost like a holiday by the lake.

And because the best days are always over far too quickly, why not take an extended break from everyday life by the water? We have numerous youth hostels that not only offer breakfast with a lake view and stand out due to their special location but also plenty of action-packed hours around and on the water.

Kreuzlingen Youth Hostel is the perfect place for holidays by the lake. © Swiss Youth Hostels

An oasis on the shores of Lake Constance

Kreuzlingen Youth Hostel is located in the middle of the largest organic nature park on the deep blue shores of Lake Constance with its white sandy beach. The historic manor house from the 19th century is located a mere 200 metres from the lakeside, and has rooms with balconies facing the lake. Cosy summer evenings around the campfire come with the territory here.

But there is also plenty of fun to be had. Have you ever heard of the kayak roll? A branch of the La Canoa Canoe Centre is located right next to the youth hostel. They will teach you how to get your capsizing canoe back above the water. Or you can cross the border into Germany on a guided tour, which includes a barbecue stop. Or you can set off on your own somewhere else, armed with paddles. It’s totally up to you.

You can enjoy majestic views all the way to the other shore in Germany. © Swiss Youth Hostels

You can play and climb to your heart’s content at the brand-new playgrounds just a few minutes’ walk from the hostel. Or you can visit the Lake Museum and immerse yourself in the history of the three-country lake, which borders Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

By the way, you can easily get from Kreuzlingen Youth Hostel to Romanshorn Youth Hostel on skates, on your bike or on foot using the wonderful paths along the shore.

The skating route from Kreuzlingen to Romanshorn could not be more beautiful. © Swiss Youth Hostels

Enjoy yourself on the shores of Lake Zurich

Even the journey by train to Richterswil Youth Hostel is a highlight. At times it feels like the wagons are gliding over the water because the tracks are built so close to the shore. A boardwalk leads directly from the train station to the youth hostel entrance.

A highlight of this hostel is the small pub by the lake. There are refreshing drinks, local beers and wines as well as freshly prepared cold and hot dishes with a view of Lake Zurich and the islands of Ufenau, Lützelau and Schönenwirt.

Not only is the building of the Richterswil Youth Hostel an eye-catcher, but the small pub by the lake is a cosy place in which to while away a sunny day. © Swiss Youth Hostels

How about a pedalo tour to work off your meal? You can rent one right outside the front door, and guests and members receive a ten percent discount.

You can also take a boat trip from the jetty where the boats are moored. You should definitely plan a stopover in the historic little town of Rapperswil-Jona and spend some time at the youth hostel.

The scheduled boat service docks virtually on the youth hostel’s doorstep. © Swiss Youth Hostels

Have fun with friends and family at Lake Greifen

Do you want to have fun with your family, your best friends or your club? Our rustic and idyllic group house, Fällanden Youth Hostel, is the perfect place for this. The house was designed by the renowned architect Emil Roth. The accommodation is located in a nature reserve, nestled in a huge garden and surrounded by greenery.

Early in the morning, you can jump straight out of bed into Lake Greifen and tank up on vitamin D on the raft. Or you can take adventurous tours in a rowing boat, chill out on a stand-up paddleboard, and explore the shores on your bike or skates. Finally, after an exciting day, the campfire is the perfect place to share your experiences.

Enjoy unforgettable holidays with your loved ones in the group house in Fällanden on the shores of Lake Greifen. © Swiss Youth Hostels

Even more reasons for a holiday by the water

Natalie searched the Swiss lakes for the most beautiful beaches and put her findings in a blog post. Read her article to find out which youth hostels offer beach feeling.

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