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23. That’s how many seconds it takes from the hostel door to the ski slope. What an absolute highlight for all piste fans & freeriders! A relaxed winter holiday WITHOUT the hassle of lugging skis and walking to the train station in ski boots – it’s possible! I tested it out for you on a weekend with my mum at Valbella-Lenzerheide Youth Hostel.

Lenzerheide is located at 1470 metres and is an internationally renowned mountain destination. Whether summer or winter, families, couples or individual travellers – Lenzerheide is just the place for mountain fans.

Right on the piste with a view of the mountains

Accommodation with ski-in & ski-out facilities is a luxury especially for families (and an affordable one at that at Valbella-Lenzerheide Youth Hostel). The picturesque view of the mighty Parpaner Rothorn at 2899 metres above sea level in the Arosa-Lenzerheide ski area also enchanted us immediately as soon as we entered the youth hostel.

Ein ausrangiertes Gondeli im Schnee vor Bergpanorama.

At dusk, the Parpaner Rothorn lives up to its name ©Christina Ragettli.

It can be enjoyed from the terrace, the restaurant, the lobby and in some cases even from the room. Yes, the location of Valbella-Lenzerheide Youth Hostel is certainly luxurious.

•	Das Parpaner Rothorn in den frühen Morgenstunden

The Parpaner Rothorn in the early morning hours. ©Christina Ragettli

Der Ausblick aus dem Hostelzimmer auf den zugefrorenen Heidsee.

Even from the room you always have a view of the mountains. ©Christina Ragettli

Lots of fun on the slopes and a treat for the tastebuds

We visited the youth hostel in the winter 2021/2022 pre-season and many slopes were already open. Only a small part of the more than 200 kilometres of pistes in the Arosa-Lenzerheide ski area weren’t running yet. So, maximum riding fun with few people – perfect.

The Arosa-Lenzerheide ski area joined forces with the new Urdenbahn in 2014. In addition, the west-east connection in Lenzerheide started up operation in 2015, as the ski area is divided between two opposite mountain groups. The cool thing about it is that you take in the first rays of sunshine in the morning on one side, switch sides around noon and end the day with the sunset.

The view from the famous Urdenbahn – the connection from Arosa to Lenzerheide/Valbella.©Christina Ragettli

By the way, my favourite place to stop is Motta Hütte hut. In addition to the delicious Grisons specialities on the menu, Motta Hütte also features an exceptional design: The wooden construction made of light spruce (inside and outside) is a real eye-catcher. Modern meets traditional.

Die Motta Hütte Lenzerheide im Winter

The Motta Hütte: Popular due to its beautiful panorama and delicious food ©Christina Ragettli

Grüne Spätzli im Teller

By the way: Motta Hütte is located 200 metres below the Urden cable car for all those who now have a craving for spinach spaetzle or tree nut gnocchi. ©Christina Ragettli

A feast for the senses in Lenzerheide Magic Forest

During my stay in Lenzerheide in December, a visit to the «Zauberwald» was also on my agenda. Along the lines of «fascination for all senses», visitors are captivated by extraordinary light art.

Logo Zauberwald Lenzerheide

Magic Forest fascination: A highlight in December ©Christina Ragettli

But you will also be spoilt with culinary delights. The experience is rounded off with varied concerts. When I visited, the Swiss artist Nemo and the duo Lo & Leduc were on stage. The light artworks I liked best were the «Light Rainbow», «Moonstruck» and «Blossoms of the Night».

Licht-Regenbogen im Zauberwald Lenzerheide

The «Rainbow of Light» by Hexxadøm ©Christina Ragettli

Installation Mondsucht Zauberwald Lenzerheide

The installation «Moonstruck» by the collective Nominal ©Christina Ragettli

Die Installation Blüten der

«Blossoms of the night» by Vaz / Obervaz (Lenzerheide) school ©Christina Ragettli

Even more reasons to stay at Lenzerheide Youth Hostel

The Valbella-Lenzerheide hostel has even more to offer besides spectacular views and ski-in & ski-out. Culinary delights, for example: The evening menu (vegetarian & meat option) is available for 19.50 Swiss francs. However, those who want an absolute Swiss experience also have the option of booking an additional upgrade for the cheese fondue for two.

Sustainability fact: :
Valbella-Lenzerheide Youth Hostel is the first building in Switzerland to be constructed as a youth hostel. The youth hostel was built in 1932 and extensively renovated in 2006. Naturally according to the Minergie-ECO standard, with a carbon-neutral wood pellet heating system and a solar collector system for hot water. Valbella-Lenzerheide Youth Hostel is both easy on the wallet and good for the conscience when it comes to sustainability. .

Eine Frau spaziert am Heidsee in Valbella Lenzerheide

A walk around the Heidsee with a stop for chestnuts and mulled wine ©Christina Ragettli.

Light Ride Lenzerheide route illuminated

By the way, Jill and her friend have already tested the Light Ride Lenzerheide. Her conclusion: Mario Kart can definitely pack up – the Light Ride is next level fun for all those who are looking for that special tobogganing experience in Lenzerheide.

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