The perfect club trip to Graubünden

In a 48-hour period, the Balsthal Gymnastics Club hiked, sledged, marvelled at a glacier and visited two youth hostels. Read on to discover the group’s top tips for your next club outing!

What could be better than travelling around Switzerland with good friends? This is exactly what we will be experiencing this weekend on our club trip to Graubünden. There are 12 of us from the Balsthal Gymnastics Club on the trip. It’s amazing how much we were about to experience in just 48 hours in the faraway canton of Graubünden.

We set off on Friday afternoon by train from Balsthal (SO) and arrive at Valbella Youth Hostel in time for dinner. After a delicious dinner and a round of the card game Jass, it’s time to go to bed. We need our rest as we have a varied programme of fun activities ahead of us.

What a delicious 3-course menu at Valbella Youth Hostel. © Leonidas Portmann

Action-packed mountain adventures

We are awoken by the first rays of sunshine of the day. After a sumptuous breakfast, we are kitted out with packed lunches from the youth hostel. Then it’s off to the longest toboggan run in Switzerland. But we don’t plan to make things too easy for ourselves. We start off with a two-hour walk uphill.

The route climbs up to 1,750 metres above sea level. © Leonidas Portmann

We enjoy our lunch in the beautiful sunshine and then it’s time for action. We race down the mountainside at top speed for three kilometres. We all have our game faces on and adhere to the principle: “Hit the brakes, lose the race!”

This is certainly the fastest route down to the valley floor. © Leonidas Portmann

We are now brimming with adrenaline and wearing big smiles on our faces. The next stop is Pontresina. The youth hostel is located right next to the railway station. After a quick check-in, it’s time to paint the town red.

Pontresina Youth Hostel is right next to the railway station. © Leonidas Portmann

We’re eager to try some of the local cuisine and decide to have dinner at the Sporthotel Pontresina. This idyllic chalet is a great place to enjoy classic Graubünden specialities. As the evening draws to a close, it’s time to head to our cosy rooms and hit the hay after a busy day.

Did you know?

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The next morning after breakfast, we grab our packed lunches and set off for the next highlight of our trip: a fantastic train ride along a famous route from Pontresina to the Morteratsch Glacier on Mount Diavolezza. Today, we ascend to the glacier in comfort aboard the gondola. Once at the top, it’s time for the two-hour Glacier Experience Trail. The trail is pretty arduous, but it’s worth the effort for the beautiful scenery and great view of the glacial valley.

The Experience Trail lasts around two hours. © Leonidas Portmann

Our top tip: Using your smartphone, you can use the QR code to get interesting information about the glacier and the climate at certain points.

With our heads full of interesting information, it’s now time to head home. Once again, the route is adorned with breathtaking scenery, featuring picturesque valleys, unspoilt nature and remarkable bridges.

The train journeys are worth the trip alone. © Leonidas Portmann

As we look out of the window, we allow our thoughts to roam freely. It’s almost as if we’ve taken a short trip to a forgotten world. There are so many opportunities in Graubünden to enjoy nature to the full. We’ve enjoyed it a great deal and are certain that we’ll be back soon!

The whole trip in one minute

Our overall impression:

This short and intensive trip was definitely a very special experience for our club that we won’t forget in a hurry. All the varied experiences have bonded us even more closely together. What’s more, we’re even more convinced that the Swiss Youth Hostels are ideal for club trips.

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There’s always a joker on every trip. At the Balstahl Gymnastics Club that would be Simon. He’s always ready to ensure everyone is having fun. In his free time, he is a gifted amateur chef. He likes to travel to Italy to sample the delicious food there.

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You can explore the beauty of Graubünden along the Alpine Circle route in comfort by train.

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