Tips for a winter weekend trip to Engelberg

Surrounded by steep slopes and towering rock faces, Engelberg Youth Hostel is definitely the place-to-be. This destination in the heart of Switzerland has so much to offer – it’s not just the home of professional skiers Michelle and Marc Gisin, biathlete Lena Häcki and freeskier Fabian Bösch, there is also a wealth of really cool activities to dive into.

Engelberg Youth Hostel has opened its doors to guests for many years and boasts a wonderful location. The cosy chalet is situated near to the entrance to the village, at about the same altitude as Lake Eugen. It is very close to the Titlis mountain cableways and only a stone’s throw from Engelberg railway station. There are also a host of restaurants, cafés and bars nearby to delight foodies and après-ski fans alike. From your room at the youth hostel you can look directly over the skiing areas and the mountains. One look out of the window is enough to tell you what the weather will be like that day.

The youth hostel in Engelberg – a real gem. © Linda Robel

Exciting winter adventures in Engelberg:

I travelled to Engelberg with a friend. We wanted to explore the place that is so especially well known in Sweden. Most skiers are well equipped and a stylish freeride outfit seems to be the order of the day here. We could get used this! It’s what makes Engelberg one of the cooler and trendier ski resorts in Switzerland. Engelberg isn’t just worth a visit for its skiing and freeriding. There are so many other things to enjoy in the region – from enchanting snowshoe tours to thrilling toboggan runs. And it’s the ideal location for cross-country skiing enthusiasts too.

Surrounded by steep rock faces, Engelberg lies in the heart of Switzerland. ©Christina

Skiing area options

There are two mountain cableways in Engelberg: They are located in the sunny Brunni resort, where we didn’t go because there wasn’t enough snow, and in the well-known Titlis resort. The cool thing is that hardcore winter fans can often start the skiing season here as early as mid-October, because ski operations on the glacier start early. This skiing area is more suitable for experienced skiers. For freeriders, there are long, large and open runs such as the Laub – but this sport is not entirely without its risks. It is therefore advisable to take a guide when freeriding so that you can get to know Engelberg better and, above all, safely. 

Above the fog it is already much more beautiful. © Christina

Ski touring in Engelberg:

It’s always difficult to plan a ski tour in a place you don’t know well. But the tour to the Alpelenhörnli was a complete success. We set off from the Titlis valley station and made our way approximately 1,000 up the mountainside. It was relatively easy going to begin with but became a little steeper in the second part, but only moderately so. The ski tour is rated as «medium» in terms of difficulty. When you reach your destination, you are standing 2,023 metres above sea level on a hill situated in front of the huge Rotsandnollen escarpment. Having this escarpment as our backdrop makes the tour particularly photogenic – we take a lot of pictures and are impressed by the imposing Engelberg mountains. During the descent we are rewarded for our efforts with a few winding power turns. 

The ski tours in Engelberg are really something – but the view is all the more beautiful. © Christina


There is a wide variety of après-ski options. We tried out the Yucatan bar and the Ski Lodge. Both bars are stylish and decorated entirely in Swedish style and not like the classic après-ski haunts that play pop hits all the time. They serve drinks that you’ve never heard of, but we’re soon totally into it. My top tip: the drink called «Vail in der Skilodge».

Pretty stylish here. © Christina

Afternoon chillout:

As the weather wasn’t quite on our side one of the days we planned to ski, we decided to head for the valley in the afternoon and relaxed in the wellness area at the H+ Hotel & Spa. From the youth hostel you can reach the resort in about ten minutes on foot. There are various saunas, relaxation areas and a pool. Since wellness leaves you hungry, afterwards you can stroll just a few metres away to the Kafikaufbar and treat yourself to a delicious slice of cake or, if you’re a bit hungrier, a tarte flambée. The atmosphere is cosy and invites you to linger.

Another tip is to use Engelberg’s internationality to your advantage. The Titlis is also a popular excursion destination in Asia, which is why many Indian guests travel to Engelberg. For this reason, there are also several restaurants catered to this market. I highly recommend dinner at «Spice Bazaar» (Indian restaurant). However, the cuisine is quite authentic and I recommend that you order your personal «heat level». Otherwise, you may end up eating more yoghurt than fine Indian (very spicy) lentil curry. 😉

Wellness is definitely always a good bad-weather alternative. © Christina

Mountain activities 

Other activities that we unfortunately did not try out due to the weather would be the fondue sledge, where you can take your fondue to a cosy spot in the ski area, and snowshoeing at full moon

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