Youth Challenge 2023- the Hugos: The first days of travel

The Youth Challenge Team “Hugo” travels across Switzerland on their youth hostel tour. Read the blog post detailing their experiences.

The Youth Challenge journey is starting!

On Wednesday, 2 August, the four of us went on holiday together. After a short shopping trip in St. Gallen, we continued on towards Schaffhausen. The first thing we did on arrival was to record our welcome video. The time flew by, so we made it to the Adventure Park at the Rhine Falls just in time. After a warm welcome and having gone through the instructions, we were able to put our climbing skills to the test. It was exhausting, but we enjoyed it a lot. It was definitely worth doing. Our highlight was the Panorama Express with its beautiful view of the Rhine Falls. In the evening, we checked in at Schaffhausen Youth Hostel and enjoyed a tasty dinner. Later, we tried out the youth hostel’s beautiful garden, which is perfect for playing football and volleyball.

From the rope park you have an amazing view over the Rhine Falls. ©Hugo

A day in Lucerne

We started day two of the journey with a delicious breakfast. Having packed, we went to Lucerne by public transport, where we met Katrina and Dominic, who were to accompany us for the day. After an hour on the pedal boat and repeated evasive manoeuvres on Lake Lucerne, we recharged our batteries with a nice pizza. We continued on to the Rigi. First stop: Rigi Kaltbad, from where we set off towards Rigi Kulm. Things got off to a pretty steep start. At the top we had a breathtaking view over the surrounding mountains and lakes. Unfortunately, we had to abandon our plan to enjoy the sunset with a picnic on the Rigi due to the weather. It got really cold and the wind whipped around our ears. Fortunately, we were able to admire the sunset on the way back into the valley. Once at the bottom, we said goodbye to our companions and set off for Lucerne Youth Hostel.

A breathtaking sunset despite clouds. ©Hugo

We now know Bern very well

The next morning, we set off for the capital earlier than planned. Michel was there to welcome us in Bern. He told us more about our capital and we learned exciting facts and background information about the city of Bern. We finished by admiring the Zytglogge Clock Tower from the inside. Following refreshments, we went with our bad weather programme and visited bimano bouldering hall. Bouldered out and a little tired, we set off on our journey to the Emmental valley, where we were able to spend the night in regal style at Burgdorf Castle Youth Hostel. We rounded off the evening with a fine three-course youth hostel meal and a round of Uno (card game).

Impressive how the Zytglogge works. ©Hugo

Our day around the Jet d’eau

After breakfast we went on to Geneva. On arrival, we first had a short photo shoot at the Jet d’Eau. After a short dance interlude by Sarah and Julia, we enjoyed our lunch with the best view of the Jet d’eau. We then proceeded to Montreux, where we enjoyed a refreshing dip right in front of the youth hostel before our evening meal. We found our sunset, not from the Rigi, but with the beautiful Lake Geneva in the foreground.

Of course, a little break on Lake Geneva is a must – it’s selfie time! ©Hugo

The journey continues to Laax, among other places


After a bit of bad weather, the four of them continue on to Ticino, where they test our youth hostel in Lugano, among other things, before travelling on to Laax. Anyone who has ever been to wellnessHostel4000 knows that this is the best place to relax.

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