100 years of Swiss Youth Hostels: The Vespa Club in search of the Easter bunny

Over the course of a century, the Swiss Youth Hostels have not only written history, but many stories have also been played out behind the hostel doors. In this post, we present a continuous stream of our guests’ personal memories.

I meet a diverse group of people when I visit Vespa Club Nidwalden at Bern Youth Hostel. Twelve of the 33 members are present. A roar of laughter, lots of joking around, a good mood overall. No wonder the club has been around for 73 years with such an exuberant and cheerful atmosphere.

The good mood of Vespa Club Nidwalden is instantly contagious. © Cornelia Vinzens 

For more than a decade, Vespa fans have been drawn to a youth hostel for a weekend outing at Easter. As some of the members start families and have children, most hotels suddenly become too small to accommodate 50+ people. Initial scepticism quickly turns into enthusiasm: The spacious recreation and games rooms for the children, the laid-back atmosphere, the delicious food and the friendly staff ensure that Vespa Club Nidwalden is a regular guest in the youth hostels from now on. 

See the whole story in the video: 

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