Hike along the French border

Our biggest youth hostel fan has now arrived in the Jura. His route continues along the border to our new youth hostel in Saignelégier, among other places.

Goodbye Basel!

I’ve left Basel, and its famous point where three countries meet, behind me on my Tour de Suisse along the Swiss border. Up next is the first leg along the French border. The transition from Basel-Stadt to Basel-Land is seamless. The hip city extends far into the countryside. Again and again I cross the cantonal borders between Basel-Land, Solothurn and all the way to the Jura.

Customs in the middle of the city of Basel. ©Heinz

On tour

I continue to make good progress with daily stages of 25 to 30 km. Depending on the location of my accommodation, the route may be somewhat shorter. A little digression for all those who wondered how much luggage I carry around with me every day. My 35 litre backpack weighs a bit under 10 kg. That’s easy to manage on a hike like this. The fascinating thing is that despite carrying few utensils, I hardly miss anything. A really liberating feeling!

Quite compact the backpack. ©Heinz

Basically, I have two T-shirts, underpants and socks with me. Also a long-sleeved shirt and a warm, light jacket. And of course something to keep the rain off… Despite the trip being close to civilisation, I packed reserves, but I haven’t actually needed them.

A special youth hostel

The next youth hostel on my tour is on Rotberg. The Mariastein youth hostel with its authentic charm is something very special. If you want to spend the night in an idyllically situated castle, Rotberg Castle is just the right place for you. A paradise for children – it’s best to leave your mobile phone at home. But the youth hostel castle is usually very full. I’m in luck!

The youth hostel is proudly enthroned on the Rotberg. ©Heinz

On towards the Jura

It’s exciting to walk on the country’s border. To a large extent, the paths and trails run directly along the border (e.g. around Rodersdorf). Some of the trails aren’t even marked on the map.

The best view can be enjoyed from Remelspitz. ©Heinz

Finally I reach the canton of Jura. I take the “entrance gate” via the “Remelgrat” – it’s simply fantastic! This is followed by an asphalt section and finally rain sets in on a beautiful hiking trail along the “Lucelle”. But I don’t let this dampen my happy border walking mood. Because soon the sun’s rays will take over again – and with them the almost explosive colours of spring. Bienvenue dans Jura!

There is plenty of variety on the hike. ©Heinz

The youth hostel in the cantonal capital of Delemont is very flexible in accommodating my travel plan. Thank you very much! I use it as a base to get to know the youngest Swiss canton a little better. The brand new Saignelégier Youth Hostel is also a must on my tour. In addition to the youth hostel rooms, there are also hotel rooms at the Jura Sport & Spa Resort. As a member of the Swiss Youth Hostels, you benefit from a concessionary price for youth hostel members here. I’ve treated myself to this luxury!

Ancient Swiss forest in the Jura

Next, I enter a kind of ancient forest with algae, moss and ferns, rotting tree trunks and streams everywhere. The hike along the River Doubs which marks the border is another highlight and a fitting conclusion to my Tour de Suisse border experience with the youth hostels.

Primeval forest in our beautiful Switzerland. ©Heinz

Instead of the pleasant and simple accommodation of youth hostels, I will now switch to tents for most of the remainder of my tour in the remote areas. However, I am already looking forward to continuing to find shelter in a youth hostel on my tour of the Swiss border.

700 km behind me

Since starting in Balzers – St. Luzisteig about five weeks ago, I have covered about 700 km. Around 2,000 km are set to follow by autumn in my journey round Switzerland. During my Mediterranean hike last year, I covered 1,000 km. It’s crazy how convoluted a border can be.

A few more impressions from the hike along the French border. ©Heinz

So far, my Tour de Suisse has taken me along four neighbouring countries and ten cantons. Hiking along the Swiss border is exciting. An exploration tour is always worthwhile!

If you would like more information about my Tour de Suisse, please feel free to contact me. Guided tours or hiking along a section on the Swiss border are also possible.

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If you want, you can also follow my route at www.stadt-land-spirit.ch and www.polarsteps.com/HeinzEgli (which can also be used via app).

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