Transa repair workshop: Your outdoor gear has been with you through thick and thin

We take a look behind the scenes at the Transa Repair Workshop and find out how worn and damaged outdoor equipment is given a new lease of life.

Our faithful companion, the hiking rucksack, has already been on many adventures around our youth hostels. But what if it breaks unexpectedly? The backpack has holes in the back and the fabric at the opening is also torn. We’re sad about this as it means we might have to find a replacement. But this doesn’t need to be the case. Transa operates its own repair workshop, which includes a spare parts warehouse, and helps to make your beloved outdoor gear shine again. 

Our faithful companion. © Jamison Nimtz

Repair & Care at the repair workshop

Transa has more to offer than you think. Until now, you probably thought that Transa is a renowned destination for high-quality outdoor equipment. That’s true, but that’s not all:   the company also has its own repair workshop in Zurich Altstetten. The workshop not only has a dedicated space for repairs, it also has a washing service for sleeping bags, down jackets and Gore-Tex products. Its comprehensive service allows Transa to make an important contribution to sustainability through extending the lifespan of various products.

The Workshop of Miracles. © Jamison Nimtz

Visit to Altstetten 

My name is Jamie Nimtz and I’m a trainee at the Marketing and Booking Center. Not long ago, I set off for Altstetten with my colleague Evelyn and my broken rucksack. We are welcomed by repair professionals Natalie and Tobi, who answer all the questions we have about the process needed to repair our backpack. The team then professionally examined the backpack and discussed the repair options with us. They clearly explained to us that an individual solution can be found for every problem. Fabrics and materials are replaced carefully and professionally. While the backpack is being repaired, we have the opportunity to take a closer look at the workshop. 

Magic hands repair our backpack. © Jamison Nimtz

There is also a small shop in the Transa workshop containing useful cleaning equipment and other products to extend the lifespan of outdoor equipment. 

Small shop in the Transa workshop. © Jamison Nimtz

About the repair workshop

The very creative and skilled team at the Transa repair workshop rescues 600 to 800 pieces of beloved outdoor equipment every month. They are experts in their field and try to find a solution for every problem. Whether it’s clothing, shoes or equipment such as backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and mats, and more – you’re in good hands at Transa. The workshop is known for its reliability and expertise in repairing outdoor equipment. 

Our green backpack is as good as new

As some of the repairs to the rucksack are a bit more labour intensive, we leave the rucksack there and give the staff time to finish the work in peace. We can pick up the backpack a week later. We were pleasantly surprised by the result. The once broken backpack looks as good as new again. The repair is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Thank you repair team! 

The backpack is like new again. © Jamison Nimtz

Options and costs

If your equipment has holes, broken zips or seams, they can be repaired professionally. Repair costs vary depending on the type of damage. Before starting the repair, Transa will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate so that you know exactly what costs you can expect.  

Goodbye throwaway culture – hello sustainability

By offering this reliable repair service, Transa is making a valuable contribution to combating the throwaway culture and enabling outdoor equipment to have a sustainable future. Give your equipment a second chance and take advantage of the repair workshop service. You can bring your item(s) directly to Altstetten or take it to any other Transa branch or outlet in Switzerland. 

We would like to thank Natalie, Tobi and the whole Transa team for such an interesting afternoon. Now with our fully restored backpack, we’re ready to start the hiking season and get exploring those spectacular mountain summits!. There are plenty of spots to enjoy on your next hiking trip near our youth hostels. See you soon on your next hiking adventure! Warm regards, Jamie. 

The homely repair workshop. © Jamison Nimtz

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