Youth Challenge 2023 – The “Eidgeniesserinnen”: À bientôt le welsch!

The Swiss Youth Hostels Youth Challenge is on! The Eidgeniesserinnen start their journey on the Lake Geneva Riviera.

Let the adventure begin

Still a little sleepy from the all too familiar last-minute packing stress, we met at Zurich Main Station. Shortly afterwards, we started shooting our first reel for Instagram. Although we had already drawn up a content plan before our trip, some things were still unclear. In theory, everything is often a little easier than in practice. But we didn’t let that bother us.

We’re hitting the road. ©Eidgeniesserinnen

First stop: Montreux

Time flew by and we quickly found ourselves on the train to Montreux. The excitement was written all over our faces – soon we would be seeing Sam Smith on stage at the Montreux Jazz Festival.


In French-speaking Switzerland, we were not only greeted by the sun – Lucas, the Hostel Manager of Montreux Youth Hostel, also welcomed us. We felt at home right away and were looking forward to the inevitable encounters we’d have on our trip.

A warm welcome at the Youth Hostel Montreux. ©Eidgeniesserinnen

Although we had heard of the Montreux Jazz Festival, it was the first time any of us had gone. It was not only a successful start to our trip, but also the perfect opportunity to tick off the experience on our personal bucket list. The global super star’s show was breathtaking. We’ll remember it for a long time to come.


We started the next day relaxed. Why not, we were basically able to sleep in! Rested, we moved on to Vevey. We didn’t miss our chance to visit the famous Chaplin’s World. Now we can not only claim that we’ve worn a melon on our heads, but we can also show off what we know about Charlie Chaplin. He was not only an outstanding actor, composer and comedian – Charlie Chaplin was a man with his heart in the right place.

Chaplin’s World in Vevey.  © Léonie Schaub

Ship ahoy!

We took the boat from Montreux on to Lausanne. The journey was entertaining while creating content. Our next reel on our Instagram account was just around the corner. The influencer lifestyle is more challenging than you might think:


«Is the video okay?»

«Do we really want to record from this angle?»

«I have a new idea!»


Although we already know a lot from our studies, implementing content for an effective social media account isn’t child’s play for us either. Nevertheless, we noticed that we were able to optimise some aspects of post-planning and implementation even after the first day.


We were also given a warm welcome at the second youth hostel in Lausanne . We brought the evening to a close spending time together on Lake Geneva.

Don’t forget the photos! ©Sworn

Rubber dinghy tour on the Aare

On Friday, we continued on to Thun. We didn’t travel there by train or bus to Bern. No! This time we took a small boat. For Elina and Léonie, it was even their first rubber dinghy experience. Aarebootsvermietung briefly explained the route to us before hitting the water and pointed out the most important things. We then took our boat and, presto, we were already on the Aare.

Briefing by Aarebootsvermietung. © Léonie Schaub

After a few hours of paddling and drifting, we finally arrived in Bern. But the day was far from over. We took the train straight on to Zurich. After a hard-earned shower at the youth hostel, we checked out Züri Fäscht and later collapsed into bed dead tired. We look forward to the rest of our adventure.

What happens next?


The journey for the three girls continues excitingly. In part two, you’ll find out what else they experience on their trip and which youth hostels they visit.

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