Youth Challenge 2023: Introducing the «Hugos»

This summer, we are sending four teams on an unforgettable journey through Switzerland. We’ll tell you who’s behind Team Hugo.

Team Hugo is made up of four people. Now this is where things get a bit more complicated… Our group consists of four friends, neighbours, sisters, basically everything but enemies. 🙂

Rahel and Sina have known each other since nursery school and have been best friends ever since. Sarah and Julia met two years later and became best friends. And now, a few years later, it’s turned into the four of us. We all live in Bühler, a small village in Appenzell Ausserrhoden.

Where does our name come from?

Though many may think so, our name has nothing to do with alcohol. Back then we didn’t even know that the name had anything to do with an aperitif… One evening we spent the night together in an old barn. There were two cows standing out front, and for fun we named them Hugo and Hugine. We’ve been the Hugos ever since.

Who are the Hugos?

Now a little more about the four of us. Rahel is in her second year of apprenticeship as a precision optician and also teaches six dulcimer students. In her free time, she is very busy – maybe too busy. Rahel plays the dulcimer, is often out and about with her camera and goes babysitting. She is a leader at the Swiss Jubla children and youth organisation and enjoys skiing in winter.

Sina is currently in her third year of apprenticeship as a media designer. Her hobbies include skiing, reading and listening to music.
Sarah’s in her second year of high school. In her free time, she likes to play the piano or organ. She plays football in a club and enjoys listening to music.
Julia is in her first year of apprenticeship as an illustrator. She also plays football, enjoys skiing and spends a lot of time outdoors.

Our trip

Rahel gave us the idea of taking part in this challenge. The other three of us were immediately thrilled with the idea. We started planning and filming our application video and were already super hyped. A few days passed and we received our acceptance. We were so excited and can hardly wait to embark on our journey.

Our trip takes us right across Switzerland. It begins in Schaffhausen, then continues on to Lucerne and Burgdorf. Next up are Montreux and Lugano and, finally, Laax.
We also have cool activities on the agenda, such as climbing, pedalos, golfing through the city and much more.

Nights, we will be sleeping at many different youth hostels. We are of course very much looking forward to them. Our favourite so far is the castle in Burgdorf. What we look forward to most at Lucerne Youth Hostel is the billiard table, and in Laax, we’re going to treat ourselves to a massage.

You can follow our journey on Instagram or simply read our other blog posts.

We are really looking forward to the trip and can hardly wait any longer. We’ve planned lots of cool activities and can get to know Switzerland a little better at the same time. We’re excited to see what lies ahead.

Let’s Hu-go!

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