Youth Challenge 2023 – Team Hugos: some bumps on the way

The second part of our Youth Challenge journey was a bit more chaotic than planned. But that’s part of what makes us Hugos. :)

A short detour to Italy

On the fifth day of our trip, we took the train from Montreux to Lugano. On the train, we mainly occupied ourselves with Instagram posts and a round of Uno. In Domodossola, we explored the Italian city on our own including the mandatory ice cream stop. The train journey then continued to Lugano. Outside the mobile network and with no knowledge of Italian, we were a bit lost at the beginning. But we were able to ask about the way back at the Infopoint. Somewhere in the middle of Italy we thought we had gone completely in the wrong direction. But it turned out that we weren’t as far off course as we thought. Once in Lugano, we set off towards Lugano Youth Hostel.   

Santa Petronilla instead of Verzasca valley…

The sixth day started somewhat chaotically. After shopping for the picnic, we got the wrong bus and missed the train. The new connection didn’t take us to Verzasca valley as planned, but to Biasca. Ah well, the “Ponte dei Salti” and “Ponte dei Ladri” bridges sound almost the same… In Biasca we came across the beautiful “Santa Petronilla” waterfall and decided to enjoy a picnic right beside it. The chaotic morning was worth it. Back in Lugano, we faced the Foxtrail challenge. The tricky riddles enabled us to get to know the beautiful city better. We spent the evening in Lugano Youth Hostel, which has its own pool and a large lawn to relax outside.  

Arriving in Laax

On Tuesday, we went on to Laax. After the long bus journey, we finally arrived in Laax. Lake Laax is right in front of the youth hostel where we spent the afternoon enjoying the weather. There was also a photo shoot for “This is Sheep” and “Mammut”. We received a warm welcome when checking in to the youth hostel. With our batteries recharged, a little surprise awaited us. We were able to mix a few drinks with Red Bull’s Organics and energy drinks. We had a lot of fun, even if the drinks were of varying quality.

Goodbye youth hostels!

Before going home on the eighth day, we used the facilities offered by the youth hostel. Rahel and Julia enjoyed their time in the indoor pool. Sarah and Sina went to work out in the gym. Afterwards, they went back home to the Appenzell region. On the train journey, we looked back on our trip. We really enjoyed the Youth Challenge journey through Switzerland together. Even though things didn’t always go according to plan, we had a great time.  

Thank you very much!

Many thanks to everyone who made our trip possible. Of course, a special thank you goes to the Swiss Youth Hostels for this unforgettable trip. Many thanks to you too for following our journey. The Youth Challenge is now over, but you can vote for us on the social media channels at @swissyouthhostels from 18 September 2023. Don’t miss it! 

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