How sustainability ends up on your plate

On the occasion of National Climate Day on 27 October 2023 the Swiss Youth Hostels are signing the healthy3 charter. Learn what this commitment is all about.

In spring 2022, we turned our gastronomy offering upside down with the launch of «Yoummi». Our top priority is for all our guests – whether they are vegan, vegetarian, allergy sufferers or meat lovers – to be able to eat at our hostels.

With «Yoummi» we are also able to make our food offering more climate-friendly. After all, sustainability is deeply rooted in the DNA of the Swiss Youth Hostels. We recently signed the Food Charter from healthy3 for all around 50 of our hostels. We are thus committed to providing a climate-friendly, wholesome and enjoyable range of products and services.

Balanced, sustainable, varied and attractively priced: these are the cornerstones of our gastronomy. © Linda Robel

Why we’ve joined in

  • Commitment to sustainability: We have championed climate protection in the catering sector for some time now. This is why we have committed in writing and support a project with the same objectives.  
  • Health and well-being: «Yoummi» stands for healthy, balanced and varied menus for our guests – the charter also supports these aspects. 
  • Needs: Travellers are increasingly looking for more climate-friendly food offers that also take their dietary preferences or allergies into account – including during their holidays with us. We promise just that with the charter. 
  • Setting a good example: We were one of the first Swiss businesses to sign the charter. In doing so, we are setting an example in the sector. 

Fancy a tasty vegan pumpkin and lentil curry? © Tamer Karaoglu

What you can expect

Our Business Manager Thomas Unger is responsible for the entire F&B offer and creates a seasonal menu. In late spring, for example, guests can enjoy asparagus, while in autumn, yummy mushroom dishes are conjured up in the hostel kitchens. We offer meat every third day – as an alternative to vegetarian or vegan dishes. 

Our evening meals always consist of a salad buffet or a tasty soup as an appetizer. This is followed by a delicious main course and something sweet for dessert. All in all, it costs just CHF 19.50! Awesome, isn’t it? 😉 Plus, the extensive breakfast buffet is always included in the room rate. 

He is passionate about creating delicious and environmentally friendly dishes. 

A look at our guest feedback shows that we are on the right track: «We are delighted to see that guest satisfaction is at its highest level in eight years and rising,» says Unger, explaining that, «this positive trend can partly be attributed to the redesign of our breakfast offering in April 2022. We added vegan products and modernised the presentation.» 

What’s your favourite youth hostel food? Let us know in the comments! 


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