My apprenticeship at the Swiss Youth Hostels

My name is Leonie. I am 16 years old and come from Winterthur. In August 2021, I started my commercial apprenticeship at the Swiss Youth Hostels' service centre. Read a summary of my first weeks here.

Well settled in at the Swiss Youth Hostels

I started in Marketing, which I really like. In my first few weeks of work, I already managed to get many new experiences. For one thing, I’m in the best of company here among all the friendly coffee junkies. The working atmosphere is very enjoyable. In my opinion, the environment is relaxed, but still professional. It was easy for me to settle in. I was also warmly welcomed by my two mentors, in the second and third year of their apprenticeships.

My favourite place at the service centre @Leonie

Support for sports and school

In my spare time, I play floorball and train four times a week. On the weekends, I also play matches all over Switzerland. In addition to my hobby, which takes up a lot of time, I also have to study for vocational school. My working day therefore starts before 8 am. That way I finish on time and can get to training on time. Wednesday afternoons are free for studying and doing homework. I am very grateful to the Swiss Youth Hostels for letting me do this and appreciate their support very much.

©Claudio Schwarz

My relationship with the Swiss Youth Hostels

I have only been to a youth hostel once before. I stayed one night in Lucerne with my team. I enjoyed my stay very much, but I know that there is much more to discover. The wellnessHostel3000 in Laax is on top of my wish list. Sustainability and simplicity are at the forefront of Swiss Youth Hostels. I see a lot of potential in them to convince young and old to explore new places in the near future in an environmentally friendly way and experience unforgettable things in the process.

Not to be missed on my bucket list: the wellnessHostel3000 in Laax

My tasks

There are some tasks I prefer to do more than others – that’s just natural. Personally, I didn’t find creating and editing Excel spreadsheets that exciting, that’s just part of the job. But, I had much more fun editing the website. I find the backgrounds, which you don’t get to see as a guest, really fascinating. I also find it exciting to deal with different marketing strategies. I was explained how things link up to each other in a way I could understand, and I can ask questions at any time. Since coffee is enjoyed here in large quantities every day, I now also know how to clean a coffee machine thoroughly ;).

My training

I will actively support the Marketing department for one semester. After that, my apprenticeship will continue at the Booking centre. That’s where my French is needed, among other things, to give customers information on the phone. For this purpose, we have a French teacher on site who teaches us students individually for one hour every Monday. After the Booking centre, I will work in the Accounting department and in Administration.

Nicolas and I at our weekly French lesson @Leonie

My professional goals for the future

After my three-year E-profile apprenticeship, I would like to take the vocational baccalaureate. As I am interested in medicine, I would love to complete further training as a medical secretary afterwards. I would also be interested in becoming a sports physiotherapist. Until then, I’m looking forward to the rest of my time at the Swiss Youth Hostels and the emotionally charged table football matches ;).

The hospital – my dream workplace

Behind the scenes

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