Youth Challenge 2023: Introducing the «Pastapläuschler»!

This summer, we are sending four teams on an unforgettable journey through Switzerland. Get to know the Pastapläuschler better in this blog and accompany them on their journey across Switzerland.

«Heeeey, the Swiss Youth Hostels are holding a competition where you can win holidays» – two of us sit on the stands of our sisters’ judo club, eating a sandwich and exchanging the latest «gossip». Soon we’ll be up to speed again – after a week, there’s not much exciting to tell. Wait! We’re forgetting something aren’t we? I’m looking for the right message in WhatsApp.
«Anniversary – This summer, we’re sending four teams across Switzerland».

Ready for the next adventure! ©Pastapläuschler

Maybe not all too seriously, I suggest we enter – but Anna’s enthusiasm soon infects me. We’ve already sent voice messages to Chiara and Laurin before judo even wraps up. Two days later, it’s decided:
Our journey will go on as Team Pastapläuschler – which literally means the «Pasta Chatterers». We are applying for a discovery tour of Switzerland. With the help of the Swiss Youth Hostels, we want to get to know our home country and ourselves even better as a group.

«It doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s who you have beside you»

Our journey together began in mid-August 2016 when we started high school. Four strangers turned into better and better friends over the course of six years and were able to experience many awesome, funny and interesting moments. In June 2022, our work over the past six years was rewarded and we all received our baccalaureate certificates. Two days later we started our first trip together, enjoying the sunshine in Greece on our week-long graduation holidays. Afterwards, we all went our separate ways – but remained in contact.

Pyjama theme day at the Kanti. ©Pastapläuschler

After six years spent together, we know each other pretty well, but the Pastapläuschler probably don’t mean much to you yet. That’s why we’d like to introduce ourselves briefly:

Celina – aka. Chef la Chef-Chef

Favourite pasta: Spaghetti Bolognese
Celina is an organisational talent, proven not only by our youth hostel trip, but also by how she’s organised her time after high school. Her three-month language stay in faraway France was followed by an internship at the Therapeutic Education Centre. After the summer recess, she will continue on at the University of Education, but this will surely be child’s play for her, as she is already managing her day with small and also slightly older children (us). In her free time, she is involved in the scouts and plays volleyball.

Chiara – aka. The stylist

Favourite pasta: Spaghetti with avocado pesto
Chiara has already started her next challenge after graduating from high school and is now studying psychology and criminal law in Bern. As a result, she is highly trained as our psychological support. In addition to her studies, Chiara likes to do sports, play music and takes the train for at least two hours a day. This is why she can’t wait for the upcoming train rides. But even though she travels a lot, her home is always a safe hangout.

Laurin – aka. The man of the group

Favourite pasta: Lasagne
Since Laurin decided not to pursue a major military career, he now had the opportunity to discover a deeper meaning transporting bicycles. As he’s already had a huge epiphany, next year he can try out being a school assistant. In addition to serving the community, Laurin enjoys orienteering and playing the piano. With a soothing influence, he is our bastion of calm, but always makes us laugh with his sometimes random seeming comments.

Anna – aka. The mood-maker

Favourite pasta: Cannelloni
Although the chances of her making a career as a maths teacher have been 100% since high school, Anna decided to pursue a career at McDonalds and sold countless burgers during her gap year. Now she finally feels ready for the big wide world and dares to study mathematics in Lausanne next year. Anna impresses with her warm and lively manner and her crazy ideas always make for a good mood. In her free time, she can mainly be found at the scout centre or on a walk somewhere.

Pastacorn – aka. The mascot

Favourite pasta: Pasta in all shapes and colours
And, of course, our mascot, the Pastacorn – a colourful unicorn.

So, now you know us a little better and there’s only one thing left. The prize! On 30 April it’s time; I scroll through my mailbox, without much hope of anything interesting. But suddenly an e-mail catches my eye: «Youth Challenge – you’re in». We did it, the effort of applying was well worth it!

We’re really looking forward to this adventure and are more than ready to start our career as influencers with you! See you soon!

Qu’est-ce que les quatre ont vécu pendant leur voyage ?


Tu veux savoir tout ce qu’Anna, Celina, Chiara et Laurin ont vécu pendant leur voyage ? Leur mascotte Pastacorn vous le dira dans son journal intime.


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