Youth Challenge 2023 – Meet the team: the «Eidgeniesserinnen»

This summer, we are sending four teams on an unforgettable journey through Switzerland. Salut, allegra, ciao, grüezi - according to the motto «Swiss diversity,» Elina, Leah and Léonie will explore our multifaceted home country.

We’re in and will take you along on our journey! 

As part of the Youth Challenge, we will travel from Montreux to Ticino via Bern and Laax from 5 to 11 July 2023. Our agenda is as diverse as the languages on our tour. From the Sam Smith concert and traditional Aare boats, to e-bike and hiking tours, we’re doing it all.  

But who exactly are we? Our three-strong Team Eidgeniesserinnen has been studying multimedia production at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons since September 2022. Besides programming and filming, we also cover topics like social media campaigns. When we heard about the Youth Challenge in April, we knew right away that this mission was perfect for us. Now that our application was accepted, we can’t wait to be able to put what we have learned into practice for the Swiss Youth Hostels and try our hand as content creators.

After several successful projects at the University of Applied Sciences, we are convinced that our first holiday together will also be a success. As is well known, people get to know each other from completely new angles – and we’re already looking forward to that.  

So that you can already get an idea of us, let us introduce ourselves: 


Leah Mastropietro, 22, Aargau ©Elina Preisig

A child’s first word is often «mama» or «papa». Mine was «nomeh» (more). I was referring to food. In the nursery, they even had the feeling that I wasn’t being fed at home. Of course, my parents were always caring (at least I can’t remember otherwise). In any case, the word «nomeh» has had an impact on my life. I still like to eat and I’m always looking for more in my personal and professional life. I’m only at full stretch when my university work is due. After all, what I can do today I masterfully put off until the day after tomorrow. Please don’t copy me, it’s not worth the stress (or is it?).

After completing my commercial training, my vocational baccalaureate and a few internships, I ended up in Chur. A metropolis for the Grisons, but for me, as a native of Aargau who lives on the border with Zurich, it wasn’t the ideal place to study at first. Still, as the saying goes: «What will be, will be». If I hadn’t ended up in the Grisons, I wouldn’t have met Léonie and Elina.

Personally, I’ve never posted a reel on my account, I don’t even use TikTok. Who knows, maybe the challenge will make me the next Farid Bang? That’s that one influencer’s name, isn’t it? Or was it Julien Bam?


Léonie Schaub, 24, Basel-Land ©Elina Preisig

Life offers us many opportunities, and I try to seize as many of them as possible. Fortunately, at the age of 24, I can still be part of the Youth Challenge, before everything becomes more expensive and complicated at 25 (or so I’ve heard).

In my private life, I love to backpack through foreign countries and spend the night in hostels, where I can make more exciting contacts. But the challenge is actually the first time I’ll have stayed in hostels in Switzerland, and I’m looking forward to the experience.

Besides my high caffeine needs, my salt intake is also quite above average, which is why I always carry my mini-salt in my bag. Armed with it, our trip is sure to be a success.


Elina Preisig, 23, Graubünden ©Leah Mastropietro

Bun di insemen. My name is Elina and I represent the Romansh language and, of course, the canton of the Grisons in our group! Nut cake, capuns and the like are just my taste, but I also love discovering new restaurants and good food. Whether it’s a city getaway or a camping trip, as long as there’s food and drink, I’m there. I’m also always looking forward to seeing something other than my tiny village. (Even if it’s very nice there). 

When I’m not eating, you can find me in the mountains hiking, reading on balconies or playing music. 

I’m already very excited about our trip through Switzerland and look forward to capturing it for you with my camera. Our agenda scares me a bit – because sometimes I have a really hard time getting up early. But don’t worry, I already have a solution. I’ll always get up on the right side. That way, at least no one can say that my grumpy morning mood is because I got up on the wrong side of the bed.  

The countdown to our journey has begun, and our adventure begins in less than 10 days. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Instagram channel of the Swiss Youth Hostels soon. 

Until then, take it easy – tranquillement, patschifig, tranquillo, gmüetlich! 

Team Eidgeniesserinnen 

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